What is aluminum sheet aa5052

Aluminum sheet aa5052 belongs to medium strength alloy. The magnesium content ranges from 31 to 44 KSI and occasionally a small mounts of copper, chromium, silicon,iron and zinc. aa5052 aluminum alloy has superior workability and weldability, high fatigue strength.

It has very good corrosion resistance to seawater and the marine and industrial atmosphere. Typical applications include aircraft fuel/oil lines, fuel tanks, other transportation areas, sheet metal work, appliances and lighting, wire, and rivets.

aluminum sheet aa5052

Aluminum aa5052-h32 has superior corrosion resistance to salt water. Its high fatigue strength makes it a popular selection for structures needed to withstand excessive vibrations. When needed, this alloy can be hardened using cold working. Heat treatment cannot be used to make it hardenable. Compared to 5005 alloys, this grade of aluminum has better resistance in marine environments. It also has excellent corrosion resistance when used in slightly alkaline conditions. A protective surface film is over the 5052 aluminum, which gives the metal its corrosion resistance. When damage happens, the rapid reaction between aluminum and oxygen repairs it. When the film can’t be repaired, corrosion can quickly occur to the base metal. To help prevent this from happening, the metal can be anodized, which will make the protective surface film thicker.

5052 aluminum plate is a professional aluminum plate for ships. It is mainly used in yacht hull and hull parts. The alloy aluminum plate of aa5052 marine is higher than other alloys because of its magnesium content. Therefore, the anti-rust function is very good. This is also a kind of 5052 marine aluminum plate applied to the hull. important reason. Magnesium has high strength, anti-rust function and corrosion resistance, which can cope with corrosion of seawater and fresh water.