What Is Aluminum Flashing coil?

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What Is Aluminum Flashing Coil?

Aluminum flashing is composed of continuous pieces of metal that prevent water from passing through a joint or angle into the interior of a structure. The idea behind flashing is that having an additional barrier put over an area where moisture can penetrate will make it nearly impossible for water to enter because the water must work against gravity. Aluminum and other metal flashings are used on surfaces exposed to weather.

Types of Flashing

Exposed flashing is composed of thin sheet metal. Aluminum is one of the metals most commonly used for flashing. Other metals used for this purpose include copper, galvanized steel, stainless steel, zinc alloy, lead and lead-coated copper. Concealed flashing may also be made of aluminum and other metals, but may also be made of bituminous fabric or plastic sheeting.

Applications of Aluminum flashing

Often manufactured in metal roll form, aluminum flashing can be used in a variety of other construction applications. Angle or wall flashing may be embedded in a wall to prevent moisture seepage, typically around windows and at similar points of structural support.