What problems are likely to occur with aluminum sheets in humid summer weather?

Summer, also known as the rainy season, is the time when aluminum products such as aluminum sheets, aluminum coils, aluminum strips, etc. appear water corrosion and oxidation phenomenon. Although there is a classification of aluminum oxide in aluminum sheet products, but aluminum oxide and aluminum oxidation is a completely different thing. Aluminum oxide plate and aluminum plate oxidation difference.

Anodized aluminum plate generally refers to: aluminum plate after acid and alkali oxidation, the formation of a protective film on the surface of the aluminum plate. The general oxide film is silver-white. If the customer has special requirements, can also be oxidized to different colors according to customer requirements.

Oxidation is also divided into: ordinary oxidation, anodic oxidation and hard oxidation.

Aluminum plate ordinary oxidation refers to: aluminum plate after the acid, alkali flow tank, the aluminum plate surface cleaning, in the aluminum plate surface to form a layer of protective film, there is known as oxide film.

Aluminum plate anodic oxidation refers to: aluminum plate after ordinary oxidation, in the oxidation process of electricity in a process.

Then the difference between aluminum plate anodizing and aluminum plate hard oxidation is: the depth of oxide film of anodizing is called shallow, and the depth of oxide film of hard oxidation is called deep.

The aluminum plate oxidation is generally refers to the aluminum plate or aluminum coil connected part of the same corrosion phenomenon, corrosion area of the same size and pattern.

Reasons for this situation

  1. In the aluminum plate or aluminum volume packaging, the temperature is too high. The formation of steam within the package, aluminum plate, aluminum coil moisture corrosion phenomenon.
  2. Aluminum or aluminum rolls in the rain, so that the rain backed up into the package. Aluminum plate, aluminum coil corrosion phenomenon.
  3. In the environment of high humidity aluminum plate, aluminum coil will appear corrosion phenomenon.

How to avoid the occurrence of such phenomena

  1. The aluminum plate, aluminum coil naturally cooled, and then packaging.
  2. It can borrow the fan to aluminum plate, aluminum coil for cooling.
  3. when packing the aluminum plate, aluminum coil external first with plastic sheeting for packaging, with cardboard packaging.
  4. During the transportation of goods, explain the driver to cover the tarp.
  5. In the environment of larger degree, put more desiccant inside the package. And put the aluminum plate, aluminum coil in a drier environment.