Jak wybrać stop blach aluminiowych 4x8?

Który stop aluminium ma blachę aluminiową 4x8?

Jakość płyt aluminiowych jest dobra lub zła. Jak wybrać odpowiednią blachę aluminiową 4X8 dla swojej fabryki, należy rozważyć z następujących perspektyw.

1. 4Twardość blach aluminiowych x8.

Twardość jest jednym z punktów odniesienia dla jakości 4 X 8 arkusz aluminium, and it is necessary to pay attention.

The chemical composition of each aluminum alloy is different, which directly affects the hardness of the 4x8 aluminium sheet. I, same alloys, different tempers, the hardness of 4x8 aluminum sheets are also different.

Ogólnie rzecz biorąc, from the common aluminum alloy raw materials, 7000 seria, 2000 seria, 4000 seria, 6000 seria, 5000 seria, 3000 seria, 1000 seria, the hardness decreases in turn; I, the O temper is the softest, H18 and H28 belong to the fully hardened temper, and the hardness is higher than 1/2 hard H14 and H24 temper.

2. 4x8 aluminum sheets strength.

The strength of the aluminum sheet affects the subsequent processing. The strength of pure aluminum is lower, but the hardness of the 2000 seria i 7000 series heat-treated aluminum sheets is higher.

3. Corrosion resistance of 4 X 8 arkusz aluminium.

Corrosion resistance determines the service life of aluminum sheets. Ogólnie rzecz biorąc, the corrosion resistance of the 1 series pure aluminum is good, the 5000 series is good, the 3000 seria i 6000 series are good, i 2000 seria i 7000 series are weak. The selection principle of corrosion resistance should be determined according to its application.

4. Processing performance of 4x8 aluminum sheets

When selecting aluminum sheets, various states of strength range must be considered. Zazwyczaj, high-strength materials are not easy to change shape. Aluminum sheets with good process performance are easy to be formed in aluminum bending, rysunek, głębokie rysowanie, itp.

5. Weldability of 4 X 8 arkusz aluminium

Most of the selected aluminum plates have good weldability, especially for some 5000 seryjne blachy aluminiowe, which are specially designed for welding considerations. Compared with the surface, some 2000 seria i 7000 series aluminum sheets are more difficult to develop. by welding.

6. Decorative performance of aluminum sheets

Some aluminum sheets used in construction-related environments are subjected to anodizing, obraz, and other applications on the surface to obtain the corresponding color and surface structure. Ogólnie, a good corrosion-resistant material, anodowanie, surface properties, and excellent compatibility.

What are the main alloys of the 4x8 aluminum sheets sold by Huawei Aluminum ?

In our factory, the alloys of 4blacha aluminiowa x8 metal for sale mainly includes 1000 seria, 3000 seria , 5000 seria, 6000 seria, I 7000 seria .

These five alloys of sheets of aluminum have their unique specifications, advantages, and properties. The customers can choose the best kind of sheet aluminium according to their needs.