Aluminum Sheet

Aluminum Sheet

China aluminum sheet metal factory-Henan Huawei Aluminum Co., Ltd professional mechanical aluminum sheet、lacquered aluminum sheet、color coated aluminum sheet manufacturers and suppliers.17 years experience's china aluminum sheet suppliers are waiting for you!
  1. 1000 series Aluminum Sheet
  2. 6063 Aluminum Sheet
  3. 6005 Aluminum Sheet
  4. 6082 aluminum sheet
  5. 5754 aluminum sheet
  6. 5083 aluminum sheet
  7. 5005 aluminum sheet
  8. 3105 Aluminum Sheet
  9. 3004 Aluminum Sheet
  10. 1100 Aluminum Sheet
Aluminum Plate

Aluminum Plate

China Aluminum plate manufacturers and suppliers-Huawei aluminum Co., LTD is professional hot rolled aluminum plate,1000~8000 series aluminum plate factory.17 years Experience's china aluminum products factory are waiting for you!
  1. Aluminium radiant heat transfer plates
  2. 6000 series Aluminum Plate
  3. 5000 Series Aluminum Plate
  4. 3000 series Aluminum Plate
  5. 1000 series Aluminum Plate
Aluminum Tread Plate

Aluminum Tread Plate

Aluminum Tread Plate has beauty and taste outline, anti-skidding performance. Its decorative pattern including aluminum diamond plate, 5 bars Aluminum Tread Plate, 3 bars pattern, bean pattern. Aluminum Treat Plate is widely used in transportation, building and decoration.
  1. 3000 Diamond Aluminum Tread Plate
  2. 6000 5-bar Aluminum Tread Plate
  3. 5000 5-bar Aluminum Tread Plate
  4. 3000 5-bar Aluminum Tread Plate
  5. 1000 5-bar Aluminum Tread Plate
Aluminium circle

Aluminium circle

Aluminum Circle, as aluminum disc circles,is widely used in making aluminum cookware, as aluminum sauce pan, pizza pan ,utensils application .It is normal with thickness from 0.3mm--10mm,diameter from 100mm-800mm .
  1. Aluminum Circle For Cookware
Aluminum Coil

Aluminum Coil

aluminum coil such as color coated aluminum coil can be used for cladding and insulation in the building industry and so on.Thickness from 0.2-100mm, in width from 100- 2600mm.
  1. 5754 Aluminum Coil
  2. 5052 Aluminum Coil
  3. 3105 Aluminum Coil
  4. 3005 Aluminum Coil
  5. 3003 Aluminum Coil
  6. 1100 Aluminum Coil
  7. 1060 Aluminum Coil
  8. 1050 Aluminum Coil
  9. Polyester/PVDF Prepainted Aluminum Coil
  10. Aluminum Lithographic Coil, Sheet for Printing
Coated Aluminum Coil (PVDF/PE)

Coated Aluminum Coil (PVDF/PE)

China Coated Aluminum Coil Manufacturers-Henan Huawei aluminum professional China color Coated Aluminum Coil factory.Our Coated Aluminum sheet Coil includes PE coated aluminum coil,PVDF coated aluminum coil and embossed aluminum coil . Coated aluminum coil is widely used to manufacture aluminum composite panel, aluminum ceiling, roofing aluminum veneer, aluminum honeycomb panel, electronic products, etc.
  1. 1000 Coated Aluminum Coil
  2. 3000 Coated Aluminum Coil
  3. 5000 Coated Aluminum Coil
  4. PVDF Coated Aluminum Coil
Embossed Aluminum Sheet

Embossed Aluminum Sheet

embossed aluminum sheet/coil ,with orange embossed style or other embossed style ,is always used as roofing, siding and surface decorations ,alloy 1050/1060/3003/5083/5052/5754 and so on ,in width from 900--2200mm,in thickness from 1.0--6.0mm
  1. Embossed Aluminum Sheet, Aluminum Coil
  2. PU Sandwich Panels aluminium foils
Anodized Aluminum Sheet

Anodized Aluminum Sheet

Anodized aluminum sheet, is an electrochemical process that thickens and toughens the naturally occurring protective oxide.The anodic coating is part of the metal, but has a porous structure which allows secondary infusions, Alloy 1000,3000,5000,8000, and so on , in thickness from 0.2-10mm, in width from 900-2200mm.
  1. Anodized Aluminum Coil
  2. Anodized/Prefored Aluminum sheet
Aluminum Mirror

Aluminum Mirror

Henan Huawei aluminum CO., LTD prefessional China Aluminum mirror sheet manufacturers and suppliers.Our main finish aluminum mirror sheet include mirror aluminum sheet for lamp、high reflectance aluminum mirror sheet、mill finish aluminum mirror sheet、mirror finish embossed aluminium ect.Best price and Best price are waiting for you!
  1. aluminum mirror of grid light
  2. aluminum mirror Ceiling
  3. Aluminum Mirror Sheet for Nameplate
  4. aluminum mirror sheet for Outside Lamps
  5. Aluminum Mirror Reflectors
Aluminum foil

Aluminum foil

Aluminum foil is Aluminum prepared in thin metal leaves,divided into cigarette aluminum foil,bottle beer aluminum foil,Food container foil ,Hydrophilic aluminum foil and so on. It is produced by melting aluminum ingot, then re-rolling on sheet and foil rolling mills to the desired thickness.
  1. Household Aluminum Foil
  2. Jumbo Roll Aluminum Foil (Alloy 8011/8079/1235)
  3. Aluminum Foil For Food Container
  4. Medicine Aluminum Foil
  5. Aluminum Foil For Packaging
  6. Aluminum Foil For Bottle Cap
  7. PP CAP Aluminum foil
  8. Cable Aluminum Foil
  9. Aluminum Foil Stock
  10. Aluminum Fin Stock