Radiantec heat transfer plates

HEAT TRANSFER – The purpose of your radiant heating system will be to make heat in the form of warm water (in an efficient manner, we hope) and then transfer that heat to your floor. Some process must take that heat away from the tubing and apply it to the underside of the floor so that the floor can heat the area above. Aluminum is a material that transfers heat exceptionally well but it is expensive, and its use should be carefully balanced against other methods of doing the same thing, and its application should be optimized for performance and cost effectiveness.

NO ALUMINUM vs. FULL COVERAGE OF ALUMINUM – Controlled experiments have shown that covering the tubing with medium/thin gauge aluminum plates causes the system to put out about 60% more heat when operated at the same temperature.

If you use no aluminum at all, you must either raise temperature of the fluid in the tubes to a very high level, use more tubing, or both. It is not desirable to operate plastic heat exchanger tubing at high temperatures for reasons of safety, efficiency and service life.


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