4x10 tabla de aluminiu

4Placă de tablă metalică din aliaj de aluminiu de x10 picioare

What is 4x10 aluminum sheet 4x10 aluminum sheet is a fixed size aluminum sheet with a length of 10 picioare si o latime de 4 picioarele. Pentru confort, o numim tabla de aluminiu 4x10. Alte denumiri pentru tabla de aluminiu 4x10 sunt: 4Foaie de aluminiu 'x10', 4 ft x 10 ft tabla de aluminiu; Starea obișnuită de aliaj a foii de aluminiu 4x10 este 1050 aliaj, 1060 aliaj, 1100 aliaj, 3 ...


aluminum sheet plate for heat sink

What is an aluminum plate heat sink? Most of the aluminum plate heat sinks are made of formed aluminum profiles as raw materials, deformed by an extrusion process, and then cast by welding, spraying, and other processes. aluminum heat sink plate Is aluminum sheet good for heat sink? Common heat sink boards are copper and aluminum, as well as copp

tabla de aluminiu anodizat auriu

Placa din tabla de aluminiu anodizat de culoare aurie

What is gold anodized aluminum sheet? Gold anodized aluminum sheet is an aluminum sheet inlaid with gold on the surface. It is a deep processing series of today's aluminum building materials products. It has the characteristics of high quality and low weight and is widely used in industrial manufacturing and construction. gold color anodized aluminum s

deep drawing aluminium circle

Cerc de disc din aluminiu pentru ambutisare adâncă

Ce este cerc de aluminiu pentru embotire adâncă? Discurile de aluminiu sunt utilizate pe scară largă în electronică, chimicale zilnice, medicament, cultura si educatia, si accesorii auto. Electrocasnice, izolație termică, fabricarea utilajelor, auto, aerospațială, militar, Matrite, constructie, tipografie și alte industrii. Such as kitchen utensils such as non-st

tablă din aluminiu cu diamante

1 bara de rulare din aluminiu

Ce este 1 bara de rulare din aluminiu? 1 placa de rulare din aluminiu cu bară este un fel de placă de rulare, și poate fi numită și placă de aluminiu cu diamante, pointer diamant placa de aluminiu aliaj are 1060 placă din aluminiu în carouri, 5052 placă de aluminiu în carouri, 3003 placă de aluminiu checker. Placa din aluminiu cu diamant pentru indicator are un efect anti-alunecare bun, folosit în principal pentru carr

banda de aluminiu pentru transformator

The parameters of aluminum strip for transformer Alloy Temper Thickness(mm) Lăţime(mm) Lungime(mm) 1050,1060,1070,1100 O,H12... 0.4-10 10-260 Personalizare 3003,3004,3105 O,H12,H16,H18,H22,H24,H26 0.4-10 10-260 Personalizare 5005,5052,5083,5086,5754 O,H111,H112,H18,H22,H24,H32 0.4-10 10-260 Personalizare 6061,6083,608

040 tabla de aluminiu

040 Tablă de aluminiu

040 furnizor de foi de aluminiu 040 tabla de aluminiu se refera la o tabla de aluminiu cu o grosime de 0.04 inci, o grosime comună a tablei de aluminiu, which is convenient for post-processing Huawei Aluminum is a professional 040 producator tabla de aluminiu, poate oferi dimensiune completă 040 tabla de aluminiu, inclusiv dimensiunile comune, cum ar fi 4' x 8', 4' x 10' and 4' x 12

aluminum sheet sizes

custom sizes aluminum sheet plate

About custom size aluminum sheet Aluminum sheet plate refers to the metal aluminum alloy material with a thickness of more than 0.2mm to less than 500mm, a width of more than 200mm and a length of less than 16m, which is called aluminum plate or aluminum sheet. aluminum sheet custom size Custom size aluminum sheet plate According to the width, aceasta

5000 aluminiu de serie

5000 aliaj metalic de aluminiu de serie

5000 series metal aluminum alloy belongs to the commonly used aluminum alloy series. The main element is magnesium, iar continutul de magneziu este intre 3-5%. It can also be called aluminum magnesium alloy. The main features are low density, rezistență mare la tracțiune, high elongation and good fatigue strength, but it can not be strengthened by heat treatment. Un

anodized aluminum strip

Introduction of Anodized Aluminum Strip. What Is Anodized aluminum strip? Anodized aluminum strips are based on anodizing thin aluminum strips.The aluminum ribbon is placed in the corresponding electrolyte (precum acidul sulfuric, chromic acid, acid oxalic, etc.) as the anode, and electrolysis is performed under the specific conditions and applied current.

3000 Series Alloy Aluminum Disc Circle

3000 Cerc de disc din aliaj de aluminiu de serie

Ⅰ: Aflați mai multe despre 3000 Series Alloy Aluminum Disc Circle. Ⅰ-A: Ce este 3000 Series Alloy Aluminum Disc Circle? Aluminum ring, also known as aluminum ring sheet, is an excellent material for making aluminum pots, aluminum pots, aluminum rice cookers, aluminum cookware, aluminum pressure cookers and other cooking utensils. Aluminum cookware has the advantag

table de aluminiu periat

table de aluminiu periat

Ce este tabla de aluminiu periat? Foaia de aluminiu periată este un proces de fabricație în care foaia de aluminiu este răzuită în mod repetat din sârmă cu șmirghel. Procesul este împărțit în principal în trei părți: deesterificare, slefuire si spalare. În procesul de table de aluminiu periat, the special film technology after anodization can form a film laye

placă din aluminiu diamant colorată

placa de rulare din aluminiu cu diamant

Color of aluminum diamond plate We offer Classic Silver Diamond Plates (numite uneori plăci cu diamante cromate sau plăci cu diamante argintii strălucitoare), Plăci cu diamante negre, Plăci cu diamante albe, Plăci cu diamante roșii și plăci cu diamante gri Gunmetal. Oferim și alte culori în funcție de clienți, dacă aveți nevoie de culori diferite, please contact us Parameter

Why do computer keyboards use aluminum?

With the popularity of the Internet, the data survey of China's Internet users ranked first in the world, the carrier of this information is the cell phone and computer, in order to work convenient, easy to carry, the laptop operation was born, coupled with the migration of the Internet to the mobile, the trend of the mobile Internet to get the world, it is

Use of aluminum foil vent pipe

Where does the comparison apply:        1. Air supply, including ventilation, such as fresh air supply and exhaust, covers a wide range, such as the air in factory workshop and production site, which needs to be discharged out of the room due to the generation of harmful gases, and also needs to be delivered to the room. Momentan, it is necessary to u

Quality needs of aluminium sheet used for presensitized plate

Quality needs of aluminium sheet used for presensitized plate PS version of the basic situation of aluminum plate PS version of aluminum plate base is the choice of high quality aluminum alloy plate, plate base treatment with brush grinding plate and electrolytic grinding plate two kinds of technology.Brush grinding is a mechanical grinding p

what is the application of 7075 Aluminum Plate?

7075 is an aluminum alloy, with zinc as the primary alloying element. It is strong, with a strength comparable to many steels, and has good fatigue strength and average machinability. It has lower resistance to corrosion than many other Al alloys, but has significantly better corrosion resistance than the 2000 aliaje. Its relatively high cost limits its use

Defeat Aqueous Corrosion Achieve Maximum Profit

We once had a client from South America come to us for aluminum discs/circles, he shared with us that he had quite an unpleasant shopping experience with his previous supplier. “There was a large scale of black brown patches, as I unpacked the goods,” he added. Ultimately, he chose to terminate the cooperation with them permanently. I bet this is absolutely

aluminum foil bags packaging

What alloys of aluminum foil are commonly used for packaging bags?

Packaging bags are an indispensable part of people's lives, bags are used to package a variety of supplies so that people can better storage and transportation, they can be seen everywhere in ordinary life, and industrial production is also very common. Common packaging bags are generally made of synthetic plastic, with the development of society, people's n

Development trend of aluminum curtain wall Market

Aluminum curtain wall market will continue to maintain a steady growth trend. În prezent, the construction industry has become a global consumption hotspot and economic growth point, and the demand of various countries will gradually increase. De exemplu, under the pull of China, Beijing Olympic Games, Shanghai World Expo, Guangzhou Asian Games, western

almg3 aluminum sheet 5754

Ce este tabla de aluminiu almg3 5754?

5754 aluminum sheet belongs to AL-MG rust-proof aluminium. It has the characteristics of medium strength, rezistență bună la coroziune, weldability and easy processing and forming. It is a typical Al-Mg alloy. Overseas, 5754 with different heat treatment status is the main material used in automobile manufacturing industry (car doors, moulds, sigilii) and cann

Diferența dintre 5052 tabla de aluminiu si 3003 tabla de aluminiu

3003 5052 aluminum sheet is the most common alloy aluminum plate on the market, is the most representative of the two series of aluminum plate 2 note, these two models of aluminum plate are more widely used. Următorul, take 5052H24 aluminum plate and 3003H24 aluminum plate as an example, to introduce the difference between the two. 1. from the chemical com

household aluminum foil roll

8011 household aluminum foil jumbo roll

The common series of aluminum foil is household aluminum foil. It is mainly to be 8011 O temperament. Thickness range from 0.008 to 0.02mm. We supply jumbo rolls, customer rewind it into small roll and then sold to many markets. Its final application include Food preservation, grătar, aviaţie, catering hotel si curatenie bucatarie. Specificație: eu

Several different alloy aluminum tread plates

Several different alloy aluminum tread plates According to the aluminum tread plate alloy, poate fi împărțit în: 1. Aluminum manganese aluminum tread plate: prelucrate cu 3003 ca materie primă principală. Acest tip de placă de aluminiu se mai numește și placă de aluminiu rezistentă la rugină. Its strength is slightly higher than that of ordinary aluminum alloy tread plat