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Що таке a 5086 алюмінієвий лист?

5086 aluminum sheet belongs to rust-proof aluminum and is widely used in occasions requiring high corrosion resistance, хороша зварюваність, and medium strength: such as weldable parts of ships, automobiles, and aircraft plates; pressure vessels and refrigeration devices that require strict fire protection, TV tower, exploration equipment, транспортне обладнання, missile parts, armor, тощо.

5086 алюмінієвий лист

5086 aluminum suppliers

5086 aluminum sheet features

  1. Стійкість до корозії. 5086 aluminum sheet has the basic anti-corrosion ability to air, water (or saltwater), petrochemical, and other media. В додаток, it has strong corrosion resistance in extremely strong industrial and marine atmospheric environments and deep water.
  2. No Low-Temperature Brittleness. Even below 0℃, the strength and plasticity of the 5086 aluminum sheet will not decrease with the temperature but will increase, and there is no low-temperature brittleness.

Що 5086 алюміній використовується для?

the Huawei 5086 marine grade aluminum sheet has been widely used in the manufacturing of ships' sides, bottom, and outboard, deck, тощо, and is deeply favored by shipbuilding markets in South America, Північна Америка, Southeast Asia, тощо. One of them was a customer from Brazil, who delivered the order of 383 tons 5086-O aluminum sheet to us at ease!

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В додаток, the 5086 aluminum sheet is generally used for applications requiring high corrosion resistance, хороша зварюваність, and moderate strength. Examples, the weldable parts of ships and automobiles, pressure vessels with a strictly fireproof requirement, refrigeration units, TV towers, loading, and testing equipment, транспортне обладнання, тощо.

5086 алюміній проти 5052 (алюміній 5086 проти 5052)

  1. The 5052 doesn't have the same strength and toughness as the 5086, nor does it have the same tensile force.
  2. Compared to 5052, 5086 fits best at the bottom because it can handle shock better. The 5052 is more malleable, easier to shape, and usually fits well on the side of a ship.
  3. 5086, if the correct bending machine and radius are used, the curve will not crack. Cracking is usually associated with overstress loads on the alloy -- all mechanical properties of 5086 (in all categories) are above specification 5052.
  4. 5086 was (and is) a high standard alloy, but is usually used only for extruded construction styles. Fewer holes, higher wire strength means less salt penetrates into the alloy, and less overall bending of the hull/ship in operation. That's why on the 5052 sides of the ship, you can see the ribs (the brakes are pressed to the side) to reduce the bending of the hull.

5086 пластина з алюмінієвого сплаву

5086 пластина з алюмінієвого сплаву

Parameters of alloy 5086 metal aluminum plate.

5086 aluminum plate basic parameters.

Еквівалентна назва a5086,aa5086,al5086,al5086 class
Вдача О, H111. H112, H116, H24, H32, H321, тощо
Обробка поверхонь 5086 aluminum sheet has a good surface anodizing treatment. В додаток, after its surface is embossed, the pattern of the 5086 aluminum checker plate is clear, гладкий, and bright.
Розмір 4алюмінієвий лист x8,4х10 алюмінієвий лист,5х10 алюмінієвий лист,5алюмінієвий лист x12,тощо
Товщина 1мм, 2мм, 3мм, 5мм, 6мм, тощо

Алюміній 5086 sheet plate chemical composition

сплав І Fe Cu Мн Mg кр Zn з Ni інші Ал
5086 ≤0.40 ≤0.50 ≤0.1 0.2-0.7 3.5-4.5 0.05-0.25 ≤0.25 ≤0.15 - ≤0.15 Залишок

5086 aluminum sheet mechanical properties

Пункт Параметр
Tensile strength σb (МПа) ≥240
Conditional yield strength σ0.2 (МПа) ≥95
Elongation δ10 (%) ≥10
Elongation δ5 (%) ≥12
Sample size всі товщини стін
Status Aluminum and aluminum alloy hot extruded seamless round tube

5086 h32 aluminum sheet

Aluminum Sheet 5086-H32 provides high strength, good formability and excellent corrosion resistance. 5086 is non-magnetic, heat treatable, often found in marine applications, and is considered a good replacement for grades 5052 і 5083 алюміній. It is commonly used in pressure vessels, cryogenic equipment, towers, rigs, oil/gas pipelines and military armor.

What's the approximately prices of 5086 алюмінієвий лист .

Алюмінієвий лист 5086 Prices 5086 aluminum diamond plate sheetsPrice List
Алюміній 5086 h116 T6 coil / sheet /plate US $2800-$3200 / Metric Ton
5086 15mm 30mm Aluminum Alloy Sheets US $2300-$2700 / тонна
алюмінієвий сплав 5086 30mm plate US $2000-$2500 / тонна
5086 H116 aluminum sheet for boat US $1850-$2900 / тонна

5086 aluminum plate weight

Thickness Chart in Inches Щільність Plate Weight Chart per Unit Area
3/16 0.315 lbs/in³8.72 g/cm³ 0.06000 lbs/in²42.184176 kg/m²
1/4 0.315 lbs/in³8.72 g/cm³ 0.08 lbs/in²56.245568 kg/m²
3/8 0.315 lbs/in³8.72 g/cm³ 0.121 lbs/in²85.0714216 kg/m²
1/2 0.315 lbs/in³8.72 g/cm³ 0.161 lbs/in²113.1942056 kg/m²
5/8 0.315 lbs/in³8.72 g/cm³ 0.196 lbs/in²137.8016416 kg/m²
3/4 0.315 lbs/in³8.72 g/cm³ 0.235 lbs/in²165.221356 kg/m²
7/8 0.315 lbs/in³8.72 g/cm³ 0.274 lbs/in²192.6410704 kg/m²
1 0.315 lbs/in³8.72 g/cm³ 0.313 lbs/in²220.0607848 kg/m²
1 1/4 0.315 lbs/in³8.72 g/cm³ 0.391 lbs/in²274.9002136 kg/m²
1 1/2 0.315 lbs/in³8.72 g/cm³ 0.47 lbs/in²330.442712 kg/m²
1 3/4 0.315 lbs/in³8.72 g/cm³ 0.549 lbs/in²385.9852104 kg/m²
2 0.315 lbs/in³8.72 g/cm³ 0.627 lbs/in²440.8246392 kg/m²
2 1/4 0.315 lbs/in³8.72 g/cm³ 0.705 lbs/in²495.664068 kg/m²
2 1/2 0.315 lbs/in³8.72 g/cm³ 0.784 lbs/in²551.2065664 kg/m²
2 3/4 0.315 lbs/in³8.72 g/cm³ 0.862 lbs/in²606.0459952 kg/m²
3 0.315 lbs/in³8.72 g/cm³ 0.941 lbs/in²661.5884936 kg/m²

Processing technology of 5086 алюмінієвий лист

a: 5086 aluminum welding.

The 5086 is usually assembled by arc welding, usually MIG or TIG welding. Newer friction stir welding technology has also been successfully applied, but not widely used.

Arc welding reduces mechanical properties to no lower -- O hardening conditions -- H116 substrates, yield strength measured at 20 °C (68 °F) at ambient temperature from 210 МПа (30 ksi) до 120 МПа (17 ksi), Ultimate strength reduced from 290 до 260 МПа (42 до 38 ksi). A relatively low reduction in ultimate strength (about 10%) is a good property for aluminum alloys.

b: 5086 aluminum machinability.

The machinability of strain hardening tempering (H34, H36, H38) is relatively good. Processing in annealing (O tempering) is difficult, but can still be done. Lubricants are recommended.

5086 aluminum sheet suppliers.

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