1060 alyuminiy qatlam

1060 pure aluminum sheet plate

Kirish 1060 Aluminum Sheet Plate 1060 aluminum sheet plate belongs to 1000 series aluminum sheet, which is pretty similar to 1050 aluminum alloy with more than 0.1% of aluminum by weight. Both 1050 va 1060 aluminum sheet of Huawei AL, lives up to ISO standards, but they cover different ASTM standards. 1060 aluminum alloy contains 0.05% coop ...

5000 alyuminiy qatlam

5000 series aluminum sheet plate

nima bu 5000 series alloy metal aluminum sheet plate 5000 series aluminum has excellent corrosion resistance and is widely used in the manufacture of transport vehicles, tanks, ships and bridges. Aluminum magnesium are the main element that makes up the 5000 series grades of aluminum, with magnesium additions ranging from 0.2% uchun 6.2%, covering popular allo

5005 alyuminiy

5005 metall alyuminiy qotishmasi

5005 metall alyuminiy qotishmasi tegishli 5000 series meta aluminum alloy. 5005 aluminum alloy is similar to 3003 qotishma, with medium strength and good corrosion resistance. 5005 aluminum alloy is used as conductor, cooker, instrument panel, shell and building decoration. The anodic oxide film is brighter than the oxide film on 3003 alloy and consistent with the h

aluminum sheet plate for truck

aluminum sheet plate for truck

Aluminum sheet plate for coal truck Lightweight has become a key indicator for automobiles, especially for heavy trucks such as oil tankers and coal trucks, the choice of lightweight materials for the body is particularly important. Aluminum sheet plate for coal truck A lightweight model specially built by China's Heavy Duty Truck for the coal transpo

aluminum flashing coil

Aluminum flashing coil

What gauge metal is aluminum flashing? Aluminum flashing coil is composed of continuous pieces of metal that prevent water from passing through a joint or angle into the interior of a structure. The idea behind flashing is that having an additional barrier put over an area where moisture can penetrate will make it nearly impossible for water to enter becaus

Asal uyasi uchun alyuminiy varaq

Asal chuqurchalari uchun alyuminiy plastinka plitasi

Alyuminiy chuqurchalar paneli nima? Alyuminiy chuqurchalar paneli yangi turdagi kompozitsion materialdir, yopishtiruvchi orqali chuqurchalar yadrosi bilan birlashtirilgan alyuminiy qatlamning yuqori va pastki ikki qatlamidan iborat. Alyuminiy chuqurchalar kompozit materiali (alyuminiy chuqurchalar yadrosi deb ham ataladi, alyuminiy chuqurchalar paneli) yuqori qattiqlik xususiyatlariga ega, light

6000 series hot sale 6082 aluminum strip for led s

6000 series alloy metal aluminum strip

Know more about Aluminum Foil Strips. Ⅰ: What is Aluminum strips. Aluminum tape is used in a variety of applications including gaskets, laser welded covers for microwave integrated circuits and other similar equipment, housings, joining materials in the aluminum alloy family, avtomobilsozlik, engine blocks, welding wires, sealing joints. Aluminum strips gene

6082 alyuminiy qatlam

6082 qotishma metall alyuminiy plastinka plitasi

6082 Aluminum Sheet Purchase Guide About 6082 aluminum sheet What is 6082 alyuminiy qatlam? 6082 alloy metal aluminum sheet plate belongs to 6000 series aluminum sheet, which is a medium strength alloy with excellent corrosion resistance. Aluminum Alloy 6082 has the highest strength of the 6000 seriyali alyuminiy qotishmasi. Due to the higher strength of Alloy 608

gold anodized aluminum sheet

Oltin rangli anodlangan alyuminiy

1. Gold anodised aluminium Our gold aluminum anodized metal sheet/coils comes in a beautiful and stylish gold pre-painted finish that will perform well in both indoor and outdoor environments. All gold finishes are anodized for extra durability. At Huawei Aluminum, our high-quality paint systems provide a hard and wear-resistant finish that maintains fle

embossed aluminum coil

Embossed aluminum coil

Ⅰ: Take You To Know Embossed aluminum coil. Ⅰ-A: Embossed aluminum coil Instruction. stucco embossed aluminum cladding are usually used in refrigerators, air conditioners and refrigeration equipment, and pipe insulation, the products have good thermal conductivity, heat dissipation due to the special nature of the pattern. Such mateirals are widely used in

standart alyuminiy qatlam qalinligi

Standart qalinlikdagi alyuminiy plitalar plitasi

standard aluminum sheet thickness Aluminum sheet plate refers to the metal aluminum alloy material with a thickness of more than 0.2mm to less than 500mm, kengligi 200 mm dan ortiq, va uzunligi 16 m dan kam, alyuminiy plastinka yoki alyuminiy qatlam deb ataladi. Standart qalinligi alyuminiy plastinka qalinligi 2 mm dan 6 mm gacha. Alyuminiy plastinka

alyuminiy rangli lasan

Rangli alyuminiy lasan

Color aluminum coil type According to the treatment type, it can be divided into Color coated aluminum coil Color anodized aluminum coil Materials of Color Aluminum Coil This color aluminum coil uses aluminum-manganese-magnesium alloy which is a kind of aluminum material mixed with manganese and magnesium. Qotishma material yuqori o'nlab beradi

black aluminum foil

Black aluminum foil

1. Black Aluminum Foil Overview The primary color of aluminum foil is silver, and black aluminum foil can be obtained by direct coloring or other methods such as anodizing and then dyeing. Black is a common color in aluminum foil products, which has a large number of applications in industry and can be used as a raw material to produce a variety of end p

aluminum magnesium alloy

3C product shell why more aluminum magnesium alloy?

The so-called "3C products" is a collective name for computer, communication and consumer electronics, also known as "information appliances". Masalan, kompyuterlar, tablet PCs, cell phones or digital audio players, va boshqalar.. 3C product shells mostly use aluminum magnesium alloy, kabi 5052 alyuminiy plastinka, with low density, engil vazn, better heat dissip

5754 aluminum sheet for truck body

Lightweight automobile is an important trend in the future. By using lightweight materials, the weight of the automobile itself is reduced to achieve the goal of weight reduction, energy saving and emission reduction. Aluminum alloy is a lightweight material, which can be used for four doors and two covers, radiator, wheels, carriages, fuel tanks, va boshqalar. It pl

anodized aluminum alloy

Anodized aluminum alloy for LCD TV has both good appearance and good performance

With the change of people's aesthetics, the appearance design of TV sets is gradually developing in the direction of light and thin. Materials with light quality and high aesthetics have become the primary standard for businesses to choose TV shells. This change makes the traditional LCD TV shell material ABS plastic gradually replaced by aluminum alloy.

How to choose a 4X8 aluminum sheet?

1. 4X8 aluminum plate hardness. Hardness is one of the references for the quality of aluminum plates, and it is necessary to pay attention. The hardness of the aluminum plate has a direct impact on the chemical composition of the selected alloy, and different states will also be different. From the common aluminum alloy raw materials, 7 seriya, 2 seriya, 4 s

Three tips to check the quality of aluminum mirror sheet

In markets, the quality of mirror sheet is quite different. It is important to know how to check the quality. Here we share with you three tips. Birinchidan, the surface quality of the product 1. The surface of the mirror aluminum plate is not allowed to have cracks, korroziya, cracks, and the surface of the plate with a thickness greater than 0.6 mm is not allo

The trend of aluminum alloy materials in military

Aluminum alloys have always been one of the most widely used metal structural materials in the military industry. Aluminum alloy material has the characteristics of low density, high strength and good processing performance. As a structural material, because of its excellent processing performance, it can be made into profiles, quvurlar, and high-strength plate

The use and storage precautions of 3 seriyali alyuminiy plastinka

The representative models of 3 series aluminum plates are 3003, 3004, and 3A21, which can also be called anti-rust aluminum plates. 3 series aluminum sheets are widely used in pipeline insulation and automobile fuel tank industries. 3 series aluminium plate is a commonly used type of alloy aluminum plate. It is an aluminum alloy with manganese as the main al

sut kukuni uchun alyuminiy folga qopqoqlari muhrlangan bo'lishi mumkin

Sut kukunini yopish uchun alyuminiy folga qopqoqlarining afzalliklari qanday?

Ayni paytda, bozorda sut kukuni bilan bevosita aloqada bo'lgan sut kukuni qopqog'i asosan alyuminiy folga qilingan, asosan namlik o'tkazmaydigan va muhrlanish rolini o'ynaydi, chunki sut kukuni qopqog'i alyuminiy folga oson yirtilib ketadigan qopqoq ichki qopqoq va tashqi qopqoqdan iborat. Ichki qopqoqni qopqoq tuzilishini yirtib tashlash oson, ichida 50 ~ 60 mm qalinlikdagi alyuminiy folga

Nima bu 6061 Alyuminiy varaq?

6061 aluminum sheet offers good abilities in processability, qattiqlik, korroziyaga qarshilik, has a good anodizing quality, is easy to covered with color film. 6061 aluminum sheet has a widely use in construction, shipbuilding, avtomobillar, mebel, mechanical components, mould, va boshqalar. Here are five common temper in 6061 alyuminiy qatlam 1. Heat treatmen

Sotib olishdan oldin 5005 h14 alyuminiy varaq

Sotib olishdan oldin 5005 h14 alyuminiy varaq, uning tarkibini tushunish foydali bo'ladi, bu quyidagicha: Alyuminiyning kimyoviy tarkibi 5005 alyuminiy: orasida 97.0 uchun 99.5% Chromium: 0.1% maximum Copper: 0.2% maximum Iron: 0.7% maximum Magnesium: orasida 0.5% uchun 1.1% Marganets: 0.2% maximum Residuals: 0.15% maksimal

printing aluminum sheets

The development of printing industry promotes the rapid growth of PS sheets and aluminum plate base production capacity

PS printing aluminum sheets, also known as pre coated photosensitive plate, refers to the aluminum plate for printing, which is a lithographic printing plate with a photosensitive resin layer pre coated on the aluminum plate by the manufacturer. PS plate is composed of photosensitive layer and supporting aluminum substrate or plate base. Due to the high annu