1000 series anodized aluminum belongs to 1000 series aluminum alloy. The 1 series aluminum plate can be strengthened. Usually cold working is adopted to increase the strength, which is more than 1 times higher; the 1 series aluminum plate is easy to process. Its plasticity is good and it is very suitable for machining, such as sawing, shearing, milling, boring, planing, turning, etc.; 1 series aluminum plate is corrosion resistant. The surface of the 1 series aluminum plate without special processing will naturally form a dense protective film of aluminum oxide, which is difficult to be destroyed. Therefore, the 1 series aluminum plate is very resistant to atmospheric (including industrial atmosphere, marine atmosphere) corrosion and water Corrosion ability.

Anodized aluminum refers to the coating of dense alumina on the surface of aluminum and aluminum alloys. In order to prevent further oxidation, its chemical properties are the same as alumina. However, unlike ordinary oxide films, anodized aluminum can be colored by electrolytic coloring.

Production Process

Mechanical polishing;

Chemical treatment to remove copper from the surface of some alloys;

Cleaning and degreasing (for parts that have been anodized, if anodizing is needed again, the original anodized surface layer is removed with alkali or special chemicals);

Put it in dilute sulfuric acid as the anode and energize it to form a surface oxide layer (it is porous and is a white translucent film);


Fixation (heat or close the pores of the oxide layer on the surface with chromate solution).

Main Performance

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