Inside Look: How Jumbo Rolls of Aluminum Foil Are Made

What is 1235 aluminum foil?

1235 aluminum foil belongs to 1000 series aluminum foil, which is pure aluminum foil, with an aluminum content of no less than 99.35%. This product is widely used in cable, tape, and battery foil because of its excellent anti-rust characteristics, formability, and solubility.

1235 aluminum foil

1235 aluminum foil rolls

Excellent 1235 aluminum foil factory

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1235 aluminum foil factory

1235 aluminum foil factory

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Specifications and Parameters of aluminum foil alloy 1235

Feature / Specification Details
Alloy Grade 1235
Chemical Composition (%) - Si 0.2 max <br>- Mn 0.9 max<br>- Fe 0.8 max<br>- Zn 0.3 max<br>- Cu 0.2 max
Physical Properties - Density 2.7g/cm^3<br>- Melting Point 660°C<br>- Recrystallisation temperature 200-300°C
Surface Treatment Bright Annealed
Mechanical Properties - Yield stress 25 MPa<br>- Ultimate tensile stress 98 MPa<br>- Elongation 15% min<br>- Hardness 50 HV min
Thickness Range 0.006 mm – 0.2 mm
Width Range Up to 1600 mm single roll or multiple rolls
Production Methods Hot rolling or Cold rolling depending upon desired thickness level
Finish Uncoated
Use Cases Flexible Packaging, Specialty Industrial Applications
Typical Applications Food Wrappers, Pharmaceutical Blister Packaging, Tobacco Products, Batteries, Electronic Devices, Building Construction Materials, Solar Panels
Performance Attributes Easy printing, good heat sealing, excellent moisture barrier, good formability, tear resistance, low reactivity with food stuffs

Note: These specifications should serve as general guidance only, actual values may depend upon exact composition and process variables employed by a particular producer.


flexible packaging

1235 aluminum foil is widely used in flexible packaging of food, medicine and cosmetics. All can be divided into medical packaging aluminum foil, 1235 aluminum foil for cigarette packing.

1235 aluminum foil provides excellent barrier protection against moisture, light and oxygen, and can be easily made into different shapes and sizes.

1235 aluminum foil for cigarette packing

1235 aluminum foil for cigarette packing


1235 aluminum foil is a popular choice for insulation due to its excellent thermal conductivity and reflectivity. It is widely used in cables and is also heavily used in the construction industry for building insulation, and in the automotive industry for engine parts insulation.

Specifications of aluminum foil for 1235 cables:

  1. Alloy state: 1235-o
  2. Thickness: 0.006~0.04
  3. Processing method: After aluminum-plastic compounding, it is processed into narrow strips.
  4. Application: Wrapping weak wires for shielding.


1235 aluminum foil is often used as a laminate with other materials such as paper and plastic. Aluminum foil for laminated plastics improves the barrier properties and strength of packaging materials.

Specifications of aluminum foil for 1235 capacitors:

  • Alloy state: 1235-o
  • Thickness: 0.0045~0.009
  • Processing method: oil impregnated paper
  • end use: electronic capacitor.

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