From Sheets to Large Rolls: The Aluminum Foil Converting Process

8000 series alloy metal aluminum foil is common aluminum foil alloy series, among which the most widely used ones are 8011, 8021, and 8079 aluminum foil jumbo roll raw material.

8000 series alloy metal aluminum foil

8000 series alloy metal aluminum foil

Parameters of 8000 series alloy metal aluminum foil

  • Alloys: 8006, 8011, 8021, 8079 etc
  • Temper: soft O ( HO ), H22, etc
  • Thickness: 40 micro etc

According to the alloy type, it can be divided into

Characteristics of 8000 series alloy metal aluminum foil

8011, 8021, 8079 aluminum foil is the key product of 8 series aluminum foil, which is widely used in food and beverage, cigarette and medicine, household daily use, and other fields because of its excellent sealing, plasticity, and anti-corrosion characteristics.

Aluminum foil has a beautiful appearance, high gloss, clean and hygienic advantages, and better printing effect than other materials after being used as packaging materials.

As a packaging material, aluminum foil can block the growth of bacteria and other microorganisms that are non-toxic and harmless, non-volatile, do not have any deformation in high or low-temperature environments, and can also be isolated from sunlight line irradiation.

Aluminum foil has high tensile strength, but small tear strength, so it is extremely convenient to use in some daily packaging openings.

Application of 8000 series alloy metal aluminum foil

8011, 8021 and 8079 aluminum foils have a wide range of applications after processing, such as

  • beer labels
  • cables
  • pharmaceutical packaging
  • household foil food packaging
  • bottle cap materials
  • heat sealing foils

which can be seen almost everywhere in daily life. Especially after the lamination process of aluminum foil and paper, the packaging performance of 8 series aluminum foil is further improved and the application market of aluminum foil is broadened, especially in the outer packaging of steamed food, which has been popular in recent years, this composite material is well received once it is introduced.

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