Mirror aluminum sheet overview

Mirror aluminum sheet is also called reflective aluminum sheet and polished aluminum sheet.

Mirror aluminum reflectors refer to rolled coils and sheets manufactured by rolling, grinding and other methods. At present, our company can provide mirror aluminum sheets and coils prepared by rolling process.

Without increasing the cost, the reflective aluminum sheet achieves high refractive index and high reflectivity through a new process. Widely used in lamps, advertising materials, solar reflectors, decorative materials and other fields.

Aluminium Mirror Finish Sheets
Aluminium Mirror Finish Sheets

Classification of mirror aluminum sheets (according to reflectivity)

According to the high, medium and low specular reflectivity of the mirror aluminum plate, it can be divided into standard reflectivity aluminum mirror plate, high reflectivity aluminum mirror sheet and super reflectivity aluminum mirror sheets.

According to the surface post-treatment method, it can be divided into anodized mirror aluminum plate and unoxidized mirror aluminum plate.

Why is Aluminium used as lighting reflector?

1. Aluminum is a good light reflector for visible light and heat, and its light weight makes it an ideal material for lighting reflectors.

2. The aluminum plate is a kind of metal with strong ductility, so it is easy to polish, and the reflectivity can reach more than 80%, and aluminum is more cost-effective than using silver as the reflector, so the lighting reflector is made of aluminum.

aluminium reflector sheet for lighting
aluminium reflector sheet for lighting

The quality of the aluminum plate process is mainly determined by the high reflectivity of light

Reflective aluminum mirror sheet has high reflectivity over 85% and can be widely used in lighting reflectors and lighting decoration. When buying aluminium reflector sheet for lighting, many people will pay attention to whether the thickness of aluminum sheets meets the requirements, and will buy relatively thick aluminum sheets to use, this is consider in the aspect of thickness to guarantee the quality. However, in order to truly ensure that the quality of the purchased aluminium reflector sheet, it is not enough to focus on the thickness, it is also necessary to pay attention to the process quality.

The quality of the aluminum plate process is mainly determined by the high reflectivity of light, we can use the professional testing tools to judge the quality. The high quality 1060, 1070 and 3003 aluminum reflector sheets are usually used in lighting industry, and Huawei aluminum is well known aluminum mirror sheet supplier in China, we can supply the reflective aluminum sheet cover your requirements with reasonable price and high quality.

Mirror Aluminum Sheet Plate For Lighting Reflector
Mirror Aluminum Sheet Plate For Lighting Reflector

The advantages of Huawei aluminum mirror plate

  1. this part is ISO&ROHS approved
  2. short delivery time
  3. Double coated
  4. Environment friendly
  5. High reflectivity


  1. Alloy: 1050 1060 1070 1085 1100
  2. Temper: O H12 H14 H16 H18 H22 H24 H26 H32 H36 H111 H112
  3. Thickness: 0.15-1.0 mm
  4. Width:Under 1250mm
Aluminium Reflector Sheet
Aluminium Reflector Sheet

Application Of Aluminum Mirror Sheet For Outside Lamps :

Outdoor lamps can be used in the walls of the building entrance, or hospital stuffed, the building decoration of the the hospital porch school and lighting at night.Outdoor lighting can be divided into: pole lamp, street lights, garden lights, landscape lights, lawn lamp, buried lights, spot lights, LED lamps.