Specifications of insulation aluminum coils

Alloys: 1060, 3003, 6061, etc

Tempers: soft HO (h0), H14, etc

Thickness: 0.3mm, 0.4mm, 0.6mm, 0.7mm etc

Surface treatment: embossed stucco, color coated, reflective polished mirror, etc

Aluminum coil for insulation
Aluminum coil for insulation

 Aluminum coil technology type

  • Insulation polysurlyn aluminum coil ( laminated )
  • Insulation jacketing aluminum coil
  • Insulation psmb aluminum coil
  • Insulation poly kraft aluminum coil

 According to the usage, aluminum coil can be divided into

  • Sound insulation aluminum coil
  • Thermal insulation aluminum coil ( heat tracing, heat resistance in power plant )
  • Moisture insulation aluminum coil

 Applications of insulation aluminum roll

Insulation composite wool panels, smooth pipes insulation material, external insulation aluminum coil mylar tape for cable, cladding work, barrier, roof, etc