Discovering the Process of Creating Jumbo Rolls of Aluminum Foil

Parameters of aluminum foil raw material for lamination

Alloy: 1235, 3003, 8011, 8079, 8021 etc

Laminated plastic material: PET, PE, LDPE, LLDPE, OPP, PVC, etc

Uses of aluminum foil for lamination

Laminated Aluminium foil with plastic film


Products: Alu foil/plastic laminate

  • 1. Material: Aluminium+PE/PET Film
  • 2.Width:10-1200mm
  • 3. Application: Used for food packing

aluminum foil laminated paper

aluminum foil laminated paper

Alu foil/plastic laminate


This laminated packing material contains Two layers, aluminum foil, and PE, between them, they are stuck by glue, and we can produce as customers request, and as to the print picture, we can do as customers design, we will supply qualified and beautiful laminated packing products.


  • 1) Alu foil+PE
  • 2)Alu foil+PET
  • 3)PP+Alu foil+LDPE
  • 4)PE+Alu foil+PET ETC

Aluminium foil papercoated

The aluminum foil paper refers to a paper made by bonding aluminum foil backing paper and aluminum foil. Soft and easy to deform, like paper, and does not rebound after deformation. It can be qualitative and guaranteed to be light-shielded, not to fall, opaque, non-polluting, and cheap. It is used for moisture-proof and decorative packaging of high-grade cigarettes and candy.

Aluminum foil for lamination

Aluminum foil for lamination

The use of aluminum foil paper is very wide, such as aviation food packaging, ordinary meat packaging, cigarette packaging, etc. Relevant experts divided it into more than 20 varieties according to their application characteristics. Due to differences in economic development levels in different countries, there is also a large gap in the consumption structure of aluminum foil. In developed countries in Europe and the United States, aluminum foil products used for packaging account for 70% of total demand. In the Chinese market, aluminum foil is mainly used as raw and auxiliary materials for industrial manufacturing, and packaging aluminum foil accounts for only 30% of total domestic demand. Although the development of aluminum foil packaging is relatively late, the market is growing rapidly and the prospect is attractive.

Aluminum foil paper is quite significant in architectural applications, and it is more convenient and clean when it is adhered to the surface of insulation materials to achieve a new height of aesthetics. However, the effects of different types of aluminum foil paper are very different, such as fireproof and ordinary are not a grade.

aluminium foil coated paper

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