What are the applications of aluminum plate in computer?

With the progress of science and technology, computers are indispensable for daily life, entertainment, work, and office. Similarly, as one of the most abundant metals on the earth, aluminum is also used in many aspects of computer host, keyboard, mouse, mouse pad, and aluminum application in our daily use. This also mainly makes use of the heat dissipation characteristics of aluminum alloy and the advantages of simple surface treatment. Take a look at the hardware mixed with aluminum alloy applications in the computer.

Aluminum sheet for computer
Aluminum sheet for computer

Aluminum sheet for mainboard heat sink:

On a motherboard, you can see many slots and switches, as well as electronic components such as resistors and capacitors. The conductivity of conductive polymer materials is usually 2 ~ 3 orders of magnitude higher than that of electrolytes to improve the temperature and frequency characteristics; Moreover, due to the good processability of polymer materials, it can be said that the heat resistance and pressure resistance of aluminum plate radiator plays an important role in the stability of mainboard performance.

Aluminum sheet for heat sink
Aluminum sheet for heat sink

 Aluminum sheet for CPU radiator:

In terms of heat dissipation materials, the thermal conductivity of each material is different. Most of the industry uses aluminum alloy plates, which are favored by major manufacturers because of their strong thermal conductivity, low density, and low price.

All aluminum case and aluminum alloy keyboard:

All aluminum chassis can be regarded as goods for every penny. It has good heat dissipation, high appearance value, and strong compression resistance. Relying on its own good ductility and strength, it can directly carry out a series of actions such as high-strength stamping, bending, and so on.

aluminum keyboard plate

All aluminum keyboard and case shells are generally made of a 3003 aluminum plate, which is brushed, oxidized, and bent. Compared with the traditional plastic keyboard, there is no need to worry about the plastic hardening caused by long service time, it is easier to clean, not afraid of collision, firm and durable, and the appearance is simple and more beautiful.

Compared with the iron keyboard, it is rustproof and does not need surface spraying, Now the market pays more and more attention to the service cycle and value preservation of products. Shopping around and choosing the best are the ways of the market, so the advantages of high-quality products are undoubtedly revealed. From a macro perspective, sustainable development, recycling, energy conservation, and environmental protection are becoming more and more important. The all-aluminum case keyboard can not only preserve and recycle but also help in energy conservation and environmental protection.