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Introduction of Anodized Aluminum Strip.

What Is Anodized aluminum strip?

Anodized aluminum strips are based on anodizing thin aluminum strips.The aluminum ribbon is placed in the corresponding electrolyte (such as sulfuric acid, chromic acid, oxalic acid, etc.) as the anode, and electrolysis is performed under the specific conditions and applied current. The aluminum strip of the anode is oxidized, and a thin layer of aluminum oxide is formed on the surface, the thickness of which is 5-20 microns, and the hard anodized film can reach 60-200 microns. The anodized aluminum plate has improved its hardness and abrasion resistance, up to 250-500 kg / mm2, good heat resistance, hard anodized film melting point up to 2320K, excellent insulation, and breakdown voltage resistance up to 2000V, it has enhanced the anti-corrosion performance, and it will not corrode in ω = 0.03 NaCl salt spray for thousands of hours. There are a large number of micropores in the thin layer of the oxide film, which can absorb various lubricants, which is suitable for manufacturing engine cylinders or other wear-resistant parts. The micropores of the film have strong adsorption ability and can be colored into various beautiful colors. Non-ferrous metals or their alloys (such as aluminum, magnesium and their alloys) can be anodized. It has strong decoration, moderate hardness, can be easily bent and formed, and can be continuously punched at high speed, which can be directly processed into products without complicated surface treatment, which greatly shortens the production cycle and reduces the production cost.

Anodized aluminum strip Features.

1. The metal appearance is protected by a transparent anodized film, so that the natural and soft metal texture of aluminum is fully preserved;
2. Processability, anodized aluminum has excellent processability, good forming and bending properties;
3. The surface is consistent, in the face of various forms of buildings, the anodized aluminum plate is always uniform in color;
4. Corrosion resistance. Due to the anodizing process, a dense oxide film is formed on the metal surface, which has strong corrosion resistance and makes the building hardness and strength better;
5. Strong weather resistance, its surface is not charged and does not vacuum, it is easy to clean and it is still bright and clean after repeated cleaning, which makes the building facade lasting for a long time. Now looking at the anodized aluminum plate project 40 years ago, it is still the same;
6. Sustainability, and as a class A non-combustible environmental protection material.

Applications Of Anodized aluminum strip.

As an emerging material, anodized aluminum sheet is used in many indoor and outdoor practices of buildings, as well as in mechanical parts, aircraft auto parts, precision instruments and radio equipment, architectural decoration, machine casings, lighting, consumer electronics, handicrafts, household Electrical appliances, interior decoration, signage, furniture, car decoration and other industries.

Anodized Aluminum used in crafts
Anodized Aluminum used in light
Anodized Aluminum used in building
Anodized Aluminum used in car

Advantages and disadvantages of anodizing.

It can form a porous oxide film with an oxide film hardness of 500HV. The oxide film with a porous structure has good adhesion and adsorption capacity, can absorb lubricants, pigments, etc., and can increase the corrosion resistance and wear resistance of the surface of large materials. Good insulation, high temperature resistance, can withstand high temperature of 1500 ℃

The disadvantage is that the parts in contact with the cooling bed are prone to form black or white spots during the oxidation process, and the oxide film is easily mixed with impurities and turns yellow; if the concentration of sulfuric acid is not well controlled during the oxidation process, it is easy to reduce the corrosion resistance of the surface of the profile. Wait

Parameters of anodized aluminum strip.

Ⅱ-A: Common Alloy Types of Anodized Aluminum.

Alloy:1100, 1050, 1070, 3003, 3004, 3105, 3005, 5005, 5052, 5754

Ⅱ-B: How Anodizing Works.

Anodized aluminum profile refers to the process in which aluminum and its alloys form an oxide film on the aluminum product (anode) under the action of the applied current under the corresponding electrolyte and specific process conditions. However, the oxide film formed on the surface of anodized aluminum is different from the general oxide film. Anodized aluminum can be dyed by electrolytic coloring.
Anodizing process

Ⅱ-C: Anodizing process flow.

Surface Pretreatment - Anodizing - Dyeing - Sealing

 Surface treatment of anodized aluminum strip.

The surface layer of the anodized aluminum honeycomb composite panel is relatively thin. In order to prevent the process defects such as corrugation deformation and stress deformation after the anodized aluminum honeycomb composite panel is installed on the wall, the ultra-flat and fast overall drilling technology has been adopted after many debugging studies before installing it on the wall. And the stress release technology of the crimping groove solves the problem of stress concentration on the board and avoids the technical problem of poor flatness of the aluminum board after installation.

A variety of novel anodized aluminum indoor and outdoor curtain walls and decorative products, its unparalleled metal texture, rich colors, good processing performance give indoor and outdoor buildings new vitality and artistic form, so that each building will become a special art Taste.

Against the sky, the combination of two aluminum oxides softly reflects the sea and sky. The sub-mirror outdoor ceiling "merges" with the landscape with its excellent surface reflection imaging ability, providing constantly changing reflections and perspectives. And the delicate and soft satin like satin is more restrained and quiet.