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Super thin color coated aluminum foil

  • The thinnest aluminum foil which could be coated is 0.015mm thickness for H Temper foil.
  • The thinnest aluminum foil which could be coated is 0.04mm thickness for Soft O Temper foil.

Double sides color Coated Aluminum Foil, one-time production

Double rollers could produce color coated foil on the front and back side at the same time, increase the production efficiency of double sides color coated aluminum foil.

More Processing Technology To Meet Your Needs

We can reprocess color coated aluminum foil, such as embossing, lacquering,lubricating, slitting and cutting etc.

Rich export experience

With many years of export experience, it fully meets the needs of export packaging and can be packaged in suspended wooden cases

Support Sample And Small Batch Production

OEM & ODM Samples are available. Small Batch Production minimum order quantity is 1 tons.

Applications of color coated aluminum foil

Aluminum foil for aluminum composite panel ( ACP )

Common parameter: 1050 H18 0.018mm x 1240mm aluminum foil coil for ACP

pe_coated_aluminum_foil for aluminium composite panel

Coated aluminum foil for food container

  • Alloys: 3003, 8006, 8011 etc
  • Thickness: 0.05mm - 0.2mm
  • Width: 200mm - 1240mm

The deep-processing products of aluminum foil are antibacterial and hygienic. They are mainly used as food boxes, Turkey plates, fish plates, fast food boxes, cake holders and aviation lunch boxes. The surface is coated with a layer of coating, which has good corrosion resistance, stamping and good appearance.

Aluminum foil for elctronic and appliance

aluminum foil battery

Coated aluminum foil for bottle cap

  • Alloys: 8011 etc
  • Thickness: 0.17mm - 0.2mm
  • Width: ≤1240mm

Single / double sided colorless, gold coated deep drawing aluminum foil for medical bottle caps.

Coated aluminum foil for sealing lid

aluminum foil lid

According to the coated material, it can be divided into

  • Color coated aluminum foil
  • Glue coated aluminum foil ( adhesive, heat sealing )
  • Oil coated aluminum foil ( DOS - Dioctyl Sebacate )
  • Plastic coated aluminum foil ( PE, PVC, LDPE, PEVA, PET )
  • Other materials coated aluminum foil ( VMCH, hydrophilic etc )

Color coated aluminum foil

  • Single side coated aluminum foil: the thickness of front coated surface is 2μm – 18μm
  • Double sides coated aluminum foil: the thickness of back coated surface is 3μm – 8μm

Adhesive coated aluminum foil

This product is usually attached with paper, just like aluminum foil tape, which can be used for the back lining of color steel tile.

Heat sealing glue coated aluminum foil

This product can be used to make heat sealable lids for other containers such as airline aluminum foil lunch boxes.

DOS oil coated aluminum foil

The product can be used to make food grade aluminum foil food container.

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Shipping methods: Express, sea freight, air cargo, land transportation, postal etc


Sample service: we can provide samples, and the samples are free.

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