Color aluminum strip surface treatment

According to the surface treatment, it can be divided into

      1. Color printed aluminum strip
      2. Color coated aluminum strip
      3. Color anodized aluminum strip
Color coated aluminum strip
color coated aluminum strip

 What is the aluminum strip used for?

Color aluminum strip is a very good production and processing material, which is commonly used in daily use scenarios such as containers and roofs. Sometimes it is also used in heat exchangers, air conditioner packaging, and automotive panels. After processing, it can be used as a pharmaceutical packaging material, and has a good barrier effect of shading and avoiding moisture.

aluminum strip application as follows

Application numApplication ScenesApplication show
1aluminum strip channel letteraluminum strip channel letter
2aluminum strip for transformeraluminum strip for transformer
3Aluminum strip for shuttersAluminium strip for shutter
4fiberglass aluminum strip tapefiberglass aluminum strip tape
5adhesive aluminum strip foiladhesive aluminum strip foil
6Insulating glass spacerInsulating glass spacer