How is embossed aluminum colored?

1. Choose the right aluminum plate - in the production process, the anodic oxidation of pure aluminum plate, aluminum magnesium aluminum plate and aluminum manganese aluminum plate coloring effect is better. For aluminum plates with high silicon or copper content, only dark and black color can be dyed during the dyeing process.

2. Control oxide film thickness - Oxide film refers to the thickness, porosity and transparency of aluminum film. The thickness of the film in the aluminum plate should be kept above 10um to obtain good dyeing effect.

3. Pay attention to the dye concentration - the dye concentration has a certain relationship with the dyeing effect. If the aluminum plate is light colored, the concentration can be lower, otherwise it can be higher. In order to enhance the absorption of the stain, a low concentration of color will be used for further staining, so that the dye molecules more evenly penetrate into the pores of the oxide film, so that the color of the stain is more harmonious and firm.

4. Pay attention to the temperature of dye solution - aluminum dyeing is divided into cold dyeing and hot dyeing. Cold dyeing takes a long time to achieve the desired results, and the uniformity of color is relatively easy to master. The hot dyeing time is short and the color is difficult to control.

Color embossed aluminumAccording to the technology, it can be divided into

  • Color coated embossed aluminum
  • Color anodized embossed aluminum
  • Color printed embossed aluminum

Applications of Color Embossed Aluminum

Applications of Color Embossed Aluminum
Applications of Color Embossed Aluminum