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 Custom thickness aluminum strip

What is a good thickness for aluminum? The raw material of the aluminum strip is pure aluminum or aluminum alloy cast rolled aluminum coil, hot rolled aluminum coil, rolled by cold rolling machine into different thickness and width of thin aluminum coil, and then according to the use, longitudinally slit by slitting machine into different width of aluminum strip.
custom thickness aluminum strip
custom aluminum strip thickness product
Aluminum Strip main used in Building, curtain walls, ceilings, panels, transformers, food packaging, air conditioning, condenser, air filter, refrigerators, washing machines, solar energy, automobile manufacturing, ship manufacturing, machinery manufacturing, electric equipment such as cosmetic packaging, machinery manufacturing industry, can also be used in power plants, chemical anti-corrosion insulation in the petrochemical industry, etc.

 Parameters of aluminum strips

Thickness ( customized ): 0.08mm, 0.4mm, 1mm, 3mm, 5mm etc

Aluminum strip types:

The alloy grades of commonly used aluminum strips are 1050 aluminum strip, 1060 aluminum strip, 1070 aluminum strip, 1100 aluminum strip, 3003 aluminum strip, 3004 aluminum strip, 5005 aluminum strip, 5052 aluminum strip, 8011 aluminum strip, and so on. Common states are O-state and H-state. O indicates a soft state, and H indicates a hard state. After O and H, you can use numbers to indicate the degree of softness and hardness, and the degree of annealing.

Aluminum strip application:

Specific uses of aluminum strips are: transformer aluminum strips (transformer aluminum foil), high-frequency welding aluminum strips for hollow aluminum strips, aluminum strips for fin radiators, aluminum strips for cables, aluminum strips for stamping, aluminum strips for aluminum edge strips, etc

 Our Aluminium Strip advantages:

1. Short delivery times (10 days ex-works)

2. Order quantities starting at 500 kg

3. High availability due to stockholding and procurement of all common strip thicknesses (please see slitting facilities specifications)

4. Highest quality standards (For example Strip thickness of 1/2 EN standard, edges with a minimum burr with smallest manufacturing tolerances of +/- 0,05mm)

5. Guaranteed electrical conductivity of > 34,0 MS/m

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