Embossed aluminium plate detailed introduction

 What is Embossed aluminium plate?

Embossed aluminum plate, also known as aluminum embossed plate, is on the basis of aluminum plate, in the surface of the formation of various patterns of aluminum products, widely used in packaging, construction, curtain wall and other aspects.

Embossed Aluminum Sheet Plate

Embossed Aluminum Plate

What are the common patterns of embossed aluminum sheets?

Embossed Aluminum Sheet Metal Types
Orange peel

embossed aluminum


Orange peel aluminum plate Variation orange peel embossed aluminum sheet Variation orange peel aluminum sheet
Hemispherical pattern embossed aluminum plate Hemispherical pattern aluminum plate Stucco embossed aluminum sheet Stucco embossed aluminum sheet
Rhombus embossed

aluminum plate

Rhombus aluminum plate Water drop pattern aluminum plate Water drop pattern aluminum plate
Bean pattern board aluminum sheet Bean pattern board aluminum sheet Pointer type check aluminum plate Pointer type check aluminum plate
Compass aluminum alloy plate Compass aluminum alloy plate Corrugated embossed

aluminum plate

Corrugated aluminum plate

Embossed aluminum sheet metal application

It is widely used in refrigerator, freezer , interior decoration ,roofing,ceiling,wall decoration, household applicances , and other fields.The products have all kinds of thickness,width and specification,which can sufficientlymeet the user’s demand.Used for Insulation works,fridge freezer, cold storage, roofing panels, floor, building, electric, wall, mashine and so on.

Embossed Aluminum Sheet Products

Hot sale embossed aluminum sheet metal

Orange peel grain aluminum plate

 Low density

The density of pure aluminum is 2.71kg/m3, which is only one-third of that of steel and aluminum-magnesium, and the density of alloy is lower. Therefore, the orange peel pattern aluminum plate of the same weight and thickness is two-thirds more square than steel.

 Corrosion resistance embossed aluminum sheet

The surface of the orange peel particle aluminum plate is covered with a dense, hard, colorless and transparent oxide film, which can resist the erosion of wind, food, natural gas, etc. After chemical treatment or anodization, the thickness of the oxide film can be increased. Generally speaking, the thickness of the oxide film is 5-15 microns, which greatly improves the corrosion resistance of the surface of the orange peel aluminum plate, and the porous structure of the anodized film can be used to adsorb dyes and heavy metal ions, and dye it into A variety of pleasing, sun-resistant colors.

 Sufficient strength embossed aluminum sheet

Orange peel pattern aluminum sheet is light enough to be used in various container manufacturing, thermal insulation industries, outer packaging, refrigerators and freezers and other industries. The strength or tensile strength of aluminum can be further improved by alloying and annealing, without the brittleness phenomenon.

High recovery rate

A scrap of the orange peel pattern aluminum plate can be directly put into the furnace for use. Compared with smelting aluminum, recycled aluminum can save 95% of energy.
Embossed aluminium plate

Embossed aluminium plate

Stucco embossed aluminum sheet

Stucco embossed aluminum sheet is a thin aluminum sheet with a wide range of uses and applications. The embossing process reduces the light reflectivity of the metal.

Our Stucco Embossed Aluminum Sheets are available in an easy-to-clean white primed or silver (polished finish) finish. Either side will work and the pattern will look the same. The white-painted side has minor but consistent defects and no PVC coating. Stucco Embossed Aluminum Sheet is an excellent low-maintenance siding.

At present, in the refrigeration industry, the 3003 series of anti-rust-explosion-proof aluminum coils are widely used; the 1000 series are widely used in pipe insulation and packaging.

Stucco embossed corrugated aluminum sheet is a kind of embossed aluminum made into a corrugated shape to meet the special requirements of roofing and cladding.

How to emboss aluminum sheet

How to emboss aluminum sheet

How to emboss aluminum sheet

The preparation process of the embossed aluminum plate includes the following steps:

(1) Unwind the smooth aluminum sheet through the unwinder, and the speed of the unwinder is controlled at 4 m/min. The convex and concave patterns of the rollers mesh with each other;

(2) The embossed aluminum material is transported into the oxidizing liquid pool through the transmission positioning roller for anodic oxidation. There are multiple transmission positioning rollers in the oxidation liquid tank, which are used for the transmission of the aluminum material. The length of the oxidation liquid tank is 40 meters. The time is 10 minutes, and the temperature of the oxidizing liquid is 30 °C;

(3) The oxidized aluminum plate is sprayed by the upper and lower spray heads with cleaning solution to clean the front and back of the aluminum plate, and the temperature of the cleaning solution is 22 °C;

(4) The cleaned aluminum sheet is baked in an oven, the temperature of the upper oven is controlled at 98°C, the temperature of the lower oven is controlled at 102°C, and the baking time is 36 seconds;

(5) Enter the longitudinal slitting machine through the conveying roller for longitudinal slitting;

(6) The aluminum sheet after longitudinal slitting enters the flattening machine through the conveying roller for leveling. After leveling, it is conveyed into the cross-cutting machine through the conveying roller. The cross-cutting machine performs cross-cutting according to the length of the aluminum sheet to obtain an embossed aluminum sheet .

The preparation process is firstly embossing the whole roll, and then slitting to make the embossed aluminum plate of the required size. The process is simple, the efficiency is high, and the manufacturing cost is saved. Good corrosion resistance. --HWALU Factory

Embossed aluminum sheet metal specifications

As an aluminum manufacturer serving customers from more than 70 countries, we offer corrugated stucco embossed aluminum sheets with the following specifications:

Embossed Aluminum Sheet Product Specification
Embossed Aluminum Alloy 1060 1100 3003 3004 3102 5005 5052 6061 6063
Tempering O-H112/H116/H321/T3-T8/T351-T851
Thickness  0.15mm-3.0mm
Width 100mm-1500mm
Length 20-30m/roll, or in rolls
Surface treatment Stucco embossing, coating, anodizing

Embossed aluminum sheet suppliers

Where to buy stucco embossed aluminum sheet?As embossed aluminum sheet suppliers and manufacturers, HWALU offers a wide range of stucco aluminum sheets, china embossed aluminum sheet factory which are manufactured from qualitative raw materials and available in different designs. Special sizes can be customized according to customer requirements. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Among many wholesale embossed aluminum sheet factories,Huawei aluminum stucco embossed sheet suppliers can provide various types of aluminum stucco embossed sheet. For example: Lentil Pattern Board, cobblestone, orange peel, diamond embossed aluminum sheet, spherical, triangular three-dimensional type, orange peel (color), stucco embossed aluminum sheet, and others.

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