Huawei Aluminum Services

Pre-Sale Service:

1. Znakomity producent z certyfikatem ISO.

2. Inspekcja strony trzeciej: SGS, BVD, itp.

3. Flexible payment methods: T/T, LC, itp.

4. Free samples are provided.

5. Fast delivery and long-term effective price.

6. Śledzenie produkcji, dostarczanie zdjęć produkcyjnych, Ładowanie, i zdjęcia transportowe.

7. Guidance from the experienced sales team.

After we receive your inquiry, we will arrange dedicated staff for one-to-one communication and patiently answer your questions.

Huawei Aluminum Service

After-sales service

1. After the customer receives the goods, if there are any questions about the product, we will answer questions throughout the process.

2. If the product sent to your company has quality problems and verified by our company, our solution is as follows:

Directly sell the scrap aluminum locally, and compensate you for the difference.

If the product in question is returned, we will re-issue a new qualified product to you. The inland freight incurred during the process, and the sea freight for return and re-shipment shall be borne by us.

3. The original intention of after-sales service: so long as you are satisfied.

4. For some customers in Africa, Ameryka Południowa, and Southeast Asia, we provide free website design to help customers make official websites. We hope that our customers can contact our customers through the official website when searching for products on Google.

5. We can help customers design market development strategies and pass on our mature market development model to our customers.

6. The customer's dealer reward plan, we support customers to reward the top 3 outstanding dealers in sales to travel to China, and we do a good job of service and local support.

7. Mamy bogate doświadczenie i poświęcamy się ścisłej kontroli jakości i uważnej obsłudze klienta. Twoje zapytanie zostanie potraktowane poważnie, a odpowiedź zostanie udzielona w odpowiednim czasie. Twoja satysfakcja jest naszym dążeniem do celu. Buy aluminum sheet, welcome to inquire us, we are glad to service for you.

Sample service

możemy dostarczyć próbki, a próbki są bezpłatne.