PVDF Coated Aluminum/Sheet/Coil:                                    What You Need to Know?

What is PVDF coated on Aluminium?

PVDF is the abbreviation of the name of polyvinylidene fluoride, which is actually a kind of coating, which is processed with resin as the basic material, and is often used in industrial manufacturing. Afterwards, it can be processed into PVDF coatings of various colors under scientific and technological means. PVDF coated on Aluminium is a method of color coating on the surface of aluminum metal to increase aesthetics and corrosion resistance, and is often used in construction.

According to the product type, it can be divided into

PVDF Coated Aluminum Product Type
PVDF coated aluminum sheet-1PVDF Coated Aluminum Sheet
PVDF coated aluminum coil-2PVDF Coated Aluminum Coil
PVDF coated aluminum stripPVDF Coated Aluminum Strip
PVDF coated aluminum circle discPVDF Coated Cluminum Circle

PVdF Pre-Coated Aluminium Sheets for the Contruction Industry

PVdF has excellent weathering properties, colour-fastness and UV resistance and is the most commonly selected finish for construction, giving long life and a virtually unlimited range of colours.

These sheets can be punched, guillotined and bent using standard machinery to provide a finished product. All sheets have a UV resistant film with directional arrows applied to the

painted surface to protect the finish during fabrication and installation.Our pre-painted aluminium sheets are coil-coated with a Class 1 PVdF flexible paint system.

PVdF Pre-Coated Aluminium Sheet

PVDF coated aluminum Features

1. Using resin as raw material, it is healthier and more environmentally friendly than organic compounds (PTFE)
2. PVDF is resistant to light and can be used outdoors for a long time
3. Superior corrosion resistance
4. The surface is resistant to abrasion and chalking
5. PVDF has stable chemical properties and is not easy to fade.