What is aluminum tread plate?

Aluminum tread plate is a type of aluminum rolled sheet. It has a raised diamond or linear pattern on one side and is smooth on the other side.Aluminum Tread Plate is also known as diamond plate or checker plate.Due to its unique texture, Aluminum Tread Plate is often used to make walkways and ramps, where slipping is likely to occur. It is also very commonly used for decorative purposes.

aluminum checker plate thickness

Diamond aluminum tread plate description

As aluminium plates are easy to clean and anti-slip, it lends them well to being used for flooring, stairs and walkways in industrial settings and transportation. They are also popular for cladding and protecting walls, where their decorative panel stands out.

Placă de rulare din aluminiu diamant

Placă de rulare din aluminiu diamant

Parametrii plăcii de rulare din aluminiu

Nume echivalent plăci de aluminiu diamantate, tablă din aluminiu în carouri ( placa de checker ), foi din aluminiu în carouri ( farfurie cherere, placa de checker )
Aliaje 1050, 1100, 3003, 3103, 5052, 5083, 5754, 6061, 6082 etc
Textură un bar, două bare, trei bare, cinci bare etc
mărimea 1m*2m, 4x8 foot ( 4ft x 8ft ), 2500×1250 etc

The thickness of the aluminum tread plate is 0.8-7.0mm, lățimea variază de la 100 mm la 2600 mm, iar lungimea este de 500-16000mm. All products comply with national standards and international standards such as AMS and JIS. We can customize a variety of specifications according to customer needs.

Placă de rulare din aluminiu diamant

Commonly aluminum tread plate

ⅰ: Placa de rulare din aluminiu 4017

Placă de rulare din aluminiu 4017 is a flat shaped, textured plate of 4017 aliaj de aluminiu.

4017 Aluminum has good corrosion resistance, comparable to 3003 and other 3 series Aluminum alloys.

4017 Aluminum is suitable for coil coating, powder and spray coating. It can be welded by MIG, TIG and LASER and high frequency methods.

Diamond Aluminum Tread Plate Details

: Placa de rulare din aluminiu 3003.

Placă de rulare din aluminiu 3003 is a textured plate of 3003 aliaj de aluminiu.

3003 Aluminum alloy is the most widely used of all aluminum alloys.

It is essentially commercially pure aluminum with the addition of Manganese which increases strength some 20% over 1100.

With excellent corrosion resistance and workability it can be deep drawn or spun, welded or brazed.

: Placa de rulare din aluminiu 6061.

6061-T6 aluminum checker plate is commonly known as ''Diamondplate''. It is strong, lightweight and is used to provide protection and traction on high traffic areas.

6061 Placă de rulare cu diamant
It has a raised, diamond-shaped pattern, which gives it its common nickname, ''diamond plate''.

Due to material handling and processing items may have light scratching. Raw Material is not meant to have a finished cosmetic look

: Placa de rulare din aluminiu 6061 Parameters.

Al & alloying elements:
Si 0.4-0.8%
Mg 0.8-1.2%
Fe 0.7% (max)
Zn 0.25% (max)
Cu 0.15%-0.4%
Mn 0.15% (max)
De 0.15% (max)
Cr 0.04-0.35%
Alte 0.05% (max) per
Altele total: 0.15%

Usages of aluminum tread plate

  • Walkways
  • Flooring
  • Ramps
  • Bridge flooring
  • Trench and drainage covers
  • Mezzanines
  • Platforms
  • Stair treads
  • Chemical Tanks
  • Trim
  • Recipiente sub presiune
  • Piping
  • Decorative Parts
  • Truck beds & remorci
  • Walkways & Catwalks
  • Flooring
  • Wall panels
  • Decorative trim & architectural uses


Thickness of diamond aluminum tread plate

Aluminum checker plate thickness : 2.8mm, 3mm, 3.5mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 7mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm etc

Alumminum Tread Plate (also known as diamond plate or checker plate) is a type of aluminum rolled sheet that has a raised diamond or linear pattern on one side and is smooth on the other side. Because of its unique texture, it is often used to make walkways and ramps, where slipping is likely to occur. It is also very commonly used for decorative purposes. Contact your closest Metal Supermarkets store for more information about metal types, shape and grades available.

Placa de rulare din aluminiu, also called embossed aluminum plate, se referă la placa de aluminiu cu trepte presate sau deprimate pe suprafața plăcii de aluminiu. Modelul este lenticular, rombic, fasole rotundă, și oblate amestecate. lenticulare sunt cele mai comune de pe piață.



The aluminum tread plate is characterized by high hardness, durabilitate puternică, sudare usoara, rezistență la coroziune, etc., iar placa de rulare are avantajele aspectului frumos, impotriva alunecarii, consolidarea performanței, și economisind oțel. Este utilizat pe scară largă în transport, constructie, decor, podeaua în jurul echipamentului, utilaje, construcţii navale şi alte domenii.

Commonly available on the market are 1 - 5 baruri (lenticular) tread boards. The alloy range mainly includes 1xxx, 3xxx and 5xxx series boards. Due to their easy cleaning and high brightness, they have been widely used in construction, especially in the decoration field. Printre ei, 3003 și 6061 alloys are the more common tread plate grades.We can cut aluminum tread plate to different size according to your requirement.

Common aluminum checker plate alloy

3003H22 / 24 tread aluminum plate has strong corrosion resistance and easy formability, in timp ce 6061 tread plate is famous for its high strength, durability and non-slip characteristics. In terms of hardness, the heat-treated 6061T6 aluminum alloy plate is higher than 3003, so it is widely used in areas with high requirements for hardness and durability, so 6061T6 has unique advantages in ramps, scari, skid plates, etc. Due to the reasonable price and cost, high ductility, and strong mechanical properties, the tread aluminum plate is widely used in industrial and interior decoration fields. în plus, the aluminum tread plate is also very suitable for construction areas such as elastic flooring and structural materials with high safety.

Size measurement about diamond aluminum tread plate



Package of diamond aluminum tread plate.



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