4x10 tabla de aluminiu

4x10 foot metal aluminum alloy sheet plate

What is 4x10 aluminum sheet 4x10 aluminum sheet is a fixed size aluminum sheet with a length of 10 feet and a width of 4 picioarele. For convenience, we call it 4x10 aluminum sheet. Other names for 4x10 aluminum sheet are: 4'x10'aluminum sheet, 4 ft x 10 ft aluminum sheet; The common alloy state of 4x10 aluminum sheet is 1050 aliaj, 1060 aliaj, 1100 aliaj, 3 ...

3005 bobina de aluminiu din aliaje metalice

3005 aluminum coil description: Ce este 3005 aluminiu? 3005 aluminum coil belongs to 3 bobina din aliaj de aluminiu de serie. 3005 aliaj de aluminiu (Al-Mg) is approximately 20% higher strength than alloy 3003 with superior corrosion resistance. 3000 series aluminum coil is also called anti-rust aluminum. Manganese is added to 3005, contenting 1.0% -1.5%, so it has a be

1200 aliaj de aluminiu

1200 metal aluminiu pur

În funcție de tipul de produs, poate fi împărțit în 1200 metal pure aluminum sheet plate 1200 meta pure aluminum coil 1200 meta pure aluminum strip 1200 metal pure aluminum disc circle Parameters of 1200 metal pure aluminum Tempers: moale O ( LA ), H14 etc

5083 tabla de aluminiu de vanzare

5083 placa din tabla de aluminiu aliat

5083 Tabla de aluminiu Introducere 5083 tabla de aluminiu aparține Al-Mg-Si 5000 aliaje de aluminiu de serie. Conținutul său principal este magneziu și siliciu, cu excepția aluminiului. Peste 4.0% de magneziu permite 5083 aliajul de aluminiu are o rezistență excelentă la corectare și este ușor de sudat. Prin adăugarea de cupru, cel 5083 tabla de aluminiu are 28% Conductivitate electrică.

tabla de aluminiu de grosime

Custom thickness aluminum sheet

standard aluminum sheet thickness Aluminum sheet refers to aluminum materials with a thickness of more than 0.2mm to less than 63mm, a width of more than 200mm and a length of fewer than 16m(desigur, cu progresul echipamentelor mari, sunt mai multe placi de aluminiu cu o latime maxima de 600mm).When the thickness is less than 0.2mm , and the width of

Stamping aluminum sheet plate

Stamping aluminum sheet plate

Deep-drawn aluminum plate is also called a stamped aluminum plate, perforated aluminum plate, to products, have 1xxx, 3xxx, 8xxx series aluminum alloy plate, more common 3104 placa de aluminiu. Stamping aluminum sheet plate Huawei Aluminum deep-drawn aluminum plate has excellent performance, plasticitate puternică, beautiful appearance, no impurities, si

anodized aluminum foil

Folie de aluminiu anodizat

What is Anodized aluminum foil? Anodizing is an electrolytic passivation process used to increase the thickness of the natural oxide layer on the surface of metal parts. The process is called anodizing because the part to be treated forms the anode electrode of an electrolytic cell. Anodising increases resistance to corrosion and wear, and provides bette

placa de rulare din aluminiu negru

placa de rulare din aluminiu negru

Parameters Of aluminum tread plate. Nume echivalent: plăci de aluminiu diamantate, tablă din aluminiu în carouri ( placa de checker ), foi din aluminiu în carouri ( farfurie cherere, placa de checker ), durbar plates Alloys: 1050, 1100, 3003, 3103, 5052, 5083, 5754, 6061, 6082 etc Texture: un bar, două bare, trei bare, five bars etc 1xxx series 1050, 10

folie de aluminiu pentru izolare

folie de aluminiu pentru izolare

Călătoria unei rulouri Jumbo: Understanding Aluminum Foil Manufacturing The parameters of aluminum coil for insulation Alloys: 1235, 8011 etc Tempers: moale SAU (h0) etc aluminum foil foam thermal insulation

5Placă din tablă de aluminiu din aliaj A06

5Placă din tablă de aluminiu din aliaj A06

5A06 aluminum sheet description 5A06 aluminum plate is Al-Mg series rust-proof aluminum. 5A06 aluminum plate has high strength and corrosion stability. It has good plasticity in the annealed and extruded state. The airtightness and weld plasticity of the weld with argon arc welding are acceptable. In gas welding and spot welding, the strength of the weld

3105 bobina de aluminiu din aliaje metalice

3105 aluminum coil description: 3105 bobina de aluminiu cu 98% aluminiu pur și adaosuri ușoare de aliaj pentru rezistență. 0.3% of copper is added to the 3105 bobina de aluminiu, deci conductivitatea se dovedește a fi 41%. Pentru conținutul său și tehnologiile de prelucrare, cel 3105 aluminum coil is light in weight and has a semi-smooth surface. in afara de asta, it is not hardened by he

anodizing aluminum

color anodized aluminum

Ⅰ:Show details about Color Anodized Aluminum. Ⅰ-A: What is Color Anodized Aluminum? Aluminium is one of the most commonly used metals in the manufacturing industry, be it sheet metal, metal parts, machine parts or any decorative item. It is durable and has excellent resistance to corrosion and rust. Perhaps, this is why this metal is so popular as a raw ma

aluminum foil for household

Aluminum foil for household foil

what is an Aluminum foil for household foil? Aluminium foil is a kind of commonly used aluminum foil for household use, which is suitable for food preservation, la grătar, aviaţie, hotel catering, and kitchen cleaning. It has good cooking, congelare, freshness, la grătar, and other purposes. În același timp, aluminum foil products also have the characteri

tabla de aluminiu 3003

Care sunt 3003 standarde de tablă de aluminiu?

3003 aluminum sheet standards National standard:3003 GB/T 3190-1996 ISO:AlMn1Cu ISO 209.1-1989 Standard japonez:A3003 JIS H4000-1999 JIS H4100-1999 Non-standard:31000 ESTE 736-2001 Standard rusesc:AMu/1400 FOCT4785-1974 EN:EN AW-3003/AlMn1Cu EN 573-3-1994 Standard german: AlMnCu/3.0517 DIM1725-1-1986 French Standard: 3003 (A-M1) NFA


The alloy you choose for your aluminum sheet naturally depends on your application. 5005 Aluminum sheet is often used when the material will be anodized and deployed in an architectural application like flashings, sills, curtain walls etc. Architects often specify 5005 alloy for anodized aluminum architectural metalwork.   The importance of using

alloy diamond pattern aluminum sheet

A brief introduction of alloy diamond pattern aluminum tread sheet

Alloy diamond pattern aluminum tread sheet is widely used in furniture, such as refrigerator, air conditioner, carriage, platform, packing pipe, screen frame, various hanging beam, table foot, handle, chair tube and so on. În general, Sunt 3 kinds of aluminum tread sheet according to the different alloy. 1-1000 series aluminum tread sheet It is

8011 o aluminum foil roll

What’s the application of 8011 o aluminum foil roll

8011 o aluminum foil roll is a typical alloy for aluminum foil and which is currently the most widely used metal in our daily life. Properties such as its low weight, rezistență la coroziune, and easy maintenance of the final product, have ensured that 8011 aluminum foil is widely applied in the various field. 1.Food Preparation:Aluminum foil is“dual-ovenabl

Aliajul de aluminiu este utilizat într-o proporție tot mai mare de aplicații de transport

Aliajul de aluminiu este în prezent cel mai folosit material metalic în industrie, și este utilizat în special în transporturi, constructie, ambalaj, sârmă și cablu, si alte domenii. Cu conceptul de greutate redusă, aliajul de aluminiu devine din ce în ce mai important în domeniul transporturilor, iar rata de aplicare este din ce în ce mai mare, even surpa

5083 marine aluminum sheet

5083 marine grade aluminum sheet, the content of Mg is about 4.0-4.9%, which higher than the Mg content in 5052 tabla de aluminiu. 5083 marine grade aluminum sheet has a moderate strength, offers excellent abilities in processing performance, weld ability and corrosion resistance, prin urmare 5083 marine grade aluminum sheet is the material of choice for shipbuildi

8011 HHF household food packaging aluminum foil jumbo roll

8011 household food packaging aluminum foil jumbo roll common thickness is from 8mic to 15 microfon. Please indicate your request, we supply offer according to it. Item Jumbo Roll Aluminum Foil for yogurt lids Standard JIS, AISI, ASTM, GB, DIN, EN Type Roll Alloy 8011 ID 7mm, 152mm Thickness 0.008mm- 0.015mm Thicknes

5083 marine grade aluminum plate

Also used for marine ships, what is the difference between 5086 și 5083 marine grade aluminum plate

Marine ships are immersed in seawater for a long time. Due to the special environment, the requirements for the materials of ship plates and sheet metal parts are very high. It is required to have excellent corrosion resistance, putere mare, excellent welding performance and good forming performance. 5083 placa de aluminiu si 5086 aluminum plate can be used

Detailed introduction of T0-T10 state of aluminum sheet plate

The T temper is one of the 5 main tempers of the aluminum sheet, si 6 series aluminum sheet has the most products in the T temper. The T temper means that the temper of the aluminum plate has reached a stable temper after heat treatment. According to different aging and different processing techniques, the T temper is subdivided into many subdivided tem

48 X 96 tabla de aluminiu

Ce face 48 X 96 aluminum sheet mean? 48“x 96” also called 4'x 8' ,deoarece aceasta este o măsură imperială. ghilimele simple ' se referă la picior. 4' and 8' respectively indicate 4 picior și 8 picior, 1 picior=304,8 mm, 4'=1219 mm,8'=2438mm 48 X 96 aluminum sheet indicates the width of aluminum sheet plate × length = 4 picior × 8 picior = 1219 mm × 2438 mm. Which

aluminum sheet oil tank

What kind of aluminum sheet is usually used for oil tank vehicles?

În prezent, carbon steel and aluminum alloy are mainly used for oil tank trucks. Carbon steel can be selected for oil tank trucks below 10 tone. Vehicles with this volume are generally used for mobile refueling. There is no need to go to high speed, so there is no need to consider the problem of overweight. For oil tank trucks with more than 10 tone, aluminu