Stucco embossed aluminum cladding features

1. low reflectivity: The stucco pattern can reduce sunshine reflection and hide small scratches.

2. Lightweight: Aluminum is about 1/3 weight of iron or steel, making it easier to handle and less expensive to ship.

3. Strong: the tensile strength can be 85-120Mpa, and can satisfy most of insulation jacketing needed.

4. Corrosion-resistant: they do not rust.

5. Easy to fabricate & assemble.

stucco embossed aluminum sheet cladding

Construction material stucco embossed aluminum foil

  • Alloy:1100 or 8011
  • Temper:H22
  • Width:1020mm -1300mm
  • Thickness:0.03 - 0.20mm

Single or both painting with water-soluble thermosetting acrylic resin painting

Preventing Oxidating Painting / embosses aluminium foil / Splicing  Painting with Polyurethane, for insulation board  polyurethane PUR and Polyisocyanurate PIR
can be customized.

Orange peel embossed

Application for PU Sandwich Panels aluminium foils:

  • Construction material Polyurethane &Phenolic Insulation panels for roof and wall
  • PIR Insulation panel
  • PUR Insulation panel
  • Thermaboard Insulation panel

company brand or logo can be customized printed on the surface.

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Why choose embossed aluminum for cladding?

(1) Embossed to increase its strength, ductility, and lifetime.
(2)Embossed aluminum has better durability and effectively reduces rowing, rubbing, touching damage, and waste.
(3)Embossed aluminum will not cause strong light reflection and can have a good visual effect.
(4)Embossed aluminum protects the aluminum sheet from oxidization,damp proof, and anti-corrosion