1060 pure aluminum tread plate

1. 1060 Pure Aluminum Tread Plate Quick description Aluminum tread plate are also called diamond plate, Durbar floor plate, and checkered plate.According to the number of bars, Aluminum Tread Plate can be divided into 1-bar, 2-бар, 3-бар, 5-bar patterns 1060 Aluminum Tread Plate is a popular aluminum,it is used in many different fields due to its ...

Рожева алюмінієва фольга

Pink Aluminum Foil Parameters Coating Thickness PE: >=16micron, PVDF: >= 25micro Application building decoration, construction Protective Film according to the customer's request can print the customer logo Alloy 1xxx, 3ххх, 8xxx series etc Coating Hardness (pencil resistance) more than 2h Coating paint PE, PVDF, д

anodized aluminum sheets 5052

5052 сплав анодованого алюмінію

Ⅰ: What you need to know about 5052 anodized aluminum Ⅰ-a: Параметри 5052 Anodized Aluminum Alloy Temper Thickness (мм) Ширина (мм) Довжина (мм) 5052 О,F H14, H16,H18H32,H34 H36,H38 etc. ≤3 ≤500 500-- 3000 Anodized aluminum film: ≤15um, or as customer’s request Surface: Brilliant Finish, Matt Finish,Lumenal Matt, Semi

1100 алюміній

1100 чистий алюміній

1100 до металу належить чистий алюміній 1000 серія метал чистий алюміній, which is industrial pure aluminum, з 99.00% вміст алюмінію (масова частка), його міцність відносно низька, з відмінною пластичністю, формувальність, зварюваність і стійкість до корозії; анодування може додатково підвищити стійкість до корозії, з отриманням красивої поверхні; but not heat

алюміній 1070

1070 чистий алюміній

Технічні характеристики 1070 pure aluminum Equivalent alloy name a1070, 1070a, aa1070, 1070аа, al1070, al1070a, a 1070, аа 1070, jis a1070p, al1070 class, aw1070, en1070 grade etc Temper Soft HO (h0), H11, H12, H13, H14, H15, H16, H17, H18, H19, H20, H21, H22, H23, H24, H25, H26, H27, H28, H29, H30, H31, H32, H33, H34, H35, H36, H37, H38, H39, H46, H48,

1200 алюмінієвий сплав

1200 метал чистий алюміній

За типом продукту, її можна розділити на 1200 metal pure aluminum sheet plate 1200 meta pure aluminum coil 1200 meta pure aluminum strip 1200 metal pure aluminum disc circle Parameters of 1200 metal pure aluminum Tempers: м'який О ( ДО ), H14 etc

7075 алюмінієвий лист

7075 пластина з алюмінієвого сплаву

An article to understand 7075 aluminum plate Ⅰ:About 7075 aluminum sheets Ⅰ-1:Що 7075 алюмінієвий лист? 7075 alloy metal aluminum sheet plate belongs to Al-Zn-Mg-Cu super duralumin 7000 алюмінієвий сплав серії, which is a cold-treated forging alloy with high strength and hardness, набагато краще ніж м'яка сталь. Due to the fine grain structure inside 7075

1060 алюмінієва котушка

1060 чиста алюмінієва котушка

Що таке a 1060 алюмінієва котушка? ⅰ-What is a 1060 алюмінієва котушка? 1060 aluminum coil belongs to 1000 серія алюмінієва котушка, 1060 aluminum alloy is aluminum content (масова частка) з 99.60%, not heat treatment to strengthen. Pure aluminum surface is silvery-white, its density decreases with increasing purity or temperature. 1060 aluminum production process is a

5000 алюмінієва стрічка з алюмінієвого сплаву серії

5000 series alloy metal aluminum strip supplier Huawei aluminum produces 5000 series aluminum strip in standard size, and can also be customized according to your requirements. We offer tighter tolerances or custom tempers upon request and accept a variety of surface treatments including custom finishes (напр. живопис, анодування, тиснення). alumini

6082 алюмінієва котушка

6082 алюмінієва котушка зі сплаву металу

6082 aluminum coil chemical element 6082 alloy aluminum coil is known as a structural alloy. It is the strongest of the 6000 серії сплавів. Алюмінієвий сплав 6082 is the most commonly used alloy for machining. 6082 has moderate strength, хороші зварювальні характеристики, і стійкість до корозії. 6082 aluminum alloy coil has moderate strength, good corrosion resista

brushed aluminum sheet

brushed aluminum

Common brushed aluminum Common brushed aluminum can be divided into brushed aluminum plate, brushed aluminum coil and brushed aluminum foil Ⅰ: brushed aluminum plate Ⅰ-a: List of brushed aluminum sheets Equivalent name Toothbrush bristle aluminum plate, hairline aluminum plate color silver, золото, бронза, зелений, нержавіюча сталь, блакитний, червоний, co

aluminum circles for traffic sign

aluminum disc circle for traffic sign

Why are so many traffic signs made of aluminum disc circle? 1.Aluminum discs have good corrosion resistance properties 2.The density of aluminum is only about one-third of that of steel, and its weight is light 3.Aluminum alloy also has good processability and weldability.It's easy to polished, easy to paint or coat, and strong plasticity 4.Alu

aluminum strips alloy 3003

Easily Understand 3003 Aluminum Strips Alloy Is aluminum strip an aluminum coil? The raw materials of 3003 алюмінієва стрічка (Aluminium strip/Aluminum strip) are pure aluminum or aluminum alloy cast-rolled aluminum coils, hot-rolled aluminum coils, and rolled into thin-plate aluminum coils of different thicknesses and widths by cold rolling mills. The essence

What is 2xxx blue film mirror aluminum sheet price?

What is 2xxx blue film mirror aluminum sheet price? The 2xxx blue film mirror aluminum sheet price is much higher than that of 1xxx and 3xxx aluminum mirror sheet pieces, for 2xxx aluminium sheets are far more expensive than common plates. 2xxx blue film mirror aluminum sheet refers to an aluminum mirror sheet of 2xxx aluminium alloy whose surface is c

Клієнт із Гани зробив замовлення втретє цього року, купити 27 тонн 1050 1060 алюмінієва пластина алюмінієвий круг

Order details Product name: 1050 1060 aluminum wafer aluminum circle Alloy temper: 1050 ДО, 1060 H0 Sizes Diameter x Thickness ( мм ) 330 x 1.5 360 x 1.5 360 x 1.3 380 x 1.2 400 x 1.5 420 x 1.5 460 x 1.5 220 x 0.9 250 x 0.9 280 x 0.9 300 x 1.0 210 x 0.9 300 x 1.5 280 x 1.5

Ethiopian customer order: 24 тонн 1100 h14 plain aluminum sheet

Order details Product name: 1100 h14 plain aluminum sheet Alloy temper: 1100 H14 Quantity: 24 tons Size: 0.6x1000x2000mm ( ширина: 1000мм, довжина: 2000мм, товщина: 0.6мм ) Export to country: Ethiopian

Easily understand coated hydrophilic aluminum foil

Сьогодні, Huawei editor wants to share with you what is hydrophilic aluminum foil. Many people will have questions, I know aluminum foil, but what is hydrophilic aluminum foil? This article will be easy to understand and introduce what is hydrophilic aluminum foil. First and most important point: what is the difference between aluminum foil and hydrophilic

aluminum magnesium alloy

3C product shell why more aluminum magnesium alloy?

The so-called "3C products" is a collective name for computer, communication and consumer electronics, also known as "information appliances". Наприклад, комп'ютери, tablet PCs, cell phones or digital audio players, тощо. 3C product shells mostly use aluminum magnesium alloy, як от 5052 алюмінієва пластина, with low density, легка вага, better heat dissip

a3003 aluminum coil

a3003 thermal insulation aluminum coil - cost-effective thermal insulation material

In many industries in the current society, some of the previous thermal insulation materials are gradually replaced by the new material of thermal insulation aluminum coil. The advantages of aluminum coils are reflected in many aspects: the light weight of aluminum coils, the beautiful appearance of aluminum coils, and the long service life of aluminum coils

aluminum blank discs

Нове замовлення 10 тонн алюмінієвих заготовок на експорт до Алжиру

On August 24 2021, a new order of 10 tons of aluminum blank discs were signed by the international trade department of our company, the customer is from Algeria. Order details Country: Algeria Port of receipt: Algiers Product: aluminum blank discs Quantity: 10 tons Customs Code ( HS code ): 7606910000 Ціна: (refer to the real-time alumi

Will the marriage of 3D printing and aluminum transform the aluminum industry

3D printing is a kind of rapid prototyping technology, it is a kind of digital model file as the basis, using powdered metal or plastic and other bondable materials, through the way of layer by layer printing to construct objects. 3D printing is usually used digital technology material printer to achieve. It is often used to make models in fields such as mol

Advantages and application of anodized aluminum plate

Aluminum plate can be seen everywhere in our life. Насправді, aluminum plate is used in the fields of cans, будівлі, home decoration, electronics and so on. The anodized aluminum plate is one of the outstanding representatives. Because of its unique properties, anodized aluminum plate is loved by the public and widely used. Anodized aluminum plate 1. Flatn

A customer from the United States who buy our aluminum foil products

I am Alvin Wang from Henan Huawei Aluminum Co., ТОВ. Dated Oct.15th,2019,it is a usual day,I get an inquiry from our E commerce department. I gave a general reply to the client asking some more details, then I got all the details another day. He replied me to say he wanted to buy aluminum foil. so I sent the price to the client in the same day,then the s

7000 серія алюміній

Роль легуючих і домішкових елементів в 7000 серія алюміній

Al-Zn-Mg alloy Zinc and magnesium in Al-Zn-Mg alloy are the main alloying elements, а їхня масова частка, як правило, не перевищує 7.5%. Так як підвищується вміст цинку і магнію, міцність на розрив і ефект термічної обробки сплаву в цілому збільшуються. Схильність сплаву до корозії під напругою пов'язана з сумою вмісту цинку та магнію