1200 aluminum alloy sheet introduction

1200 aluminum plate is the industrial pure aluminum, with high plasticity, corrosion resistance, electrical and thermal conductivity, but low strength, heat treatment can not be strengthened, machinability is not good.

1200 aluminum sheet
1200 aluminum sheet

 1200 aluminum sheet plate chemical composition


1200 aluminium-sheets

 1200 aluminum sheet plate mechanical properties

Tensile strength σbElongation δ10Elongation δ5Note
75~105MPa≥22%≥25%Longitudinal mechanical properties of tubes at room temperature

 1200 aluminum sheet features

The 1200 aluminum alloy plate is a typical hard aluminum alloy in the aluminum-copper-magnesium series. Its composition is relatively reasonable and its comprehensive performance is better. Many countries produce this alloy, which is the largest amount of duralumin. The characteristics of this alloy are high strength, certain heat resistance, and can be used as working parts below 150°C.

1200 aluminum sheet for sale

At temperatures above 125°C, the strength of 1200 aluminum alloy is higher than that of 7075 aluminum alloy. The forming properties are relatively good in the hot state, annealed and newly quenched state and the heat treatment strengthening effect is remarkable, but the heat treatment process requirements are strict. The corrosion resistance is poor, but it can be effectively protected by cladding with pure aluminum; it is easy to produce cracks during welding, but it can be welded or riveted by a special process. Widely used in aircraft structures, rivets, truck hubs, propeller components, and various other structural parts.