Quotation Sheet-- 4x8 CC Aluminum sheet price

Date:Based on April 1st,2022-March 28th ,2022 LME Weekly Average Price 3545 USD
No. "Thicknessmm" "Width*Lengthfeet/mm" "MOQton" " FOBusd/ton"
20.3-0.39Same As AboveSame As Above3755.00
30.4-0.49Same As AboveSame As Above3735.00
40.5-0.99Same As AboveSame As Above3720.00
51.0-3.99Same As AboveSame As Above3705.00
64.0-5.99Same As AboveSame As Above3720.00
76.0-12.0Same As AboveSame As Above3775.00

1.Max width: 2m.
2. MOQ: Besides the regular sizes listed in the chart, for width
62.99'(1600mm)-MOQ 11 ton | 66.92'(1700mm)-MOQ 12 ton | 70.86'(1800mm)-MOQ 13 ton | 74.80'(1900mm)-MOQ 14 ton | 78.74'(2000mm)-MOQ 15 ton
3. Pricing: 1)Starting from width 1500mm, For every 100mm increase in width, the price will go up by USD 30/ton.
4. FOB ports: Qingdao, Tianjin, Shanghai.
5. Lead Time:20-30 days(based on the quantity) against pre-payment.

Know more about 4x8 foot aluminum sheet

a: What is a 4x8 aluminum sheet?

4x8 aluminum sheet is a size of aluminum sheet that represents 4 feet and 8 feet long and wide.

b: Equivalent sizes of 4x8 aluminum sheet plate

4*8 aluminum sheet, 4ft x8 ft aluminum sheet, 4 foot x 8 foot aluminum sheet, 4' x 8' aluminum sheet,4*8ft aluminum sheet, 8x4 aluminum sheet, 8ftx4ft aluminum sheet, 8 x 4 ft aluminum sheet,8' x 4' aluminum sheet, 48"x96" aluminum sheet, 1219mm x 2438mm aluminum sheet, etc

3mm 4x8 aluminum sheet

4x8 aluminum sheet metal production specification

Grade:1000/3000/5000Place of Origin:Zhengzhou, China
Aluminum matal type:Sheet/PlateDelivery Time:15-45 days
Width:4 ft(foot)Surface:mill finish
Length:8 ft(foot)Payment Terms:T/T,L/C,WestUnion,Kunlun Bank
Thickness:0.2mm - 350mmTemper:O-H11
Standard:GB/T19001-2016/ISO9001:2015, CE, SGS etcMOQ:6 Tons

4x8 aluminum sheet metal features

1. Strong operability

2. Low density, easy to install and handle

3. The surface is firm and not easy to break and wear

4. Good workability, can be retrofitted to existing structures

5. Excellent quality and long service life

6. Simple maintenance and low cost, easy surface cleaning

7. With metallic luster, natural grandeur

8. Subsequent recycling, no pollution to the environment

Applications for 4x8 aluminum sheet metal

4x8 aluminum sheets and their profiles are used in various modern industries, such as in the construction industry.

4x8 aluminum sheet for car body and paneling


4x8 sheet aluminum plate for bridge construction


4x8 Aluminum Sheet Custom Car Ramp

4x8 aluminium sheet plate is made into many parts of aluminium bridges, buildings, towers, and storage. The corrugated aluminium sheet, wavy aluminium sheet, roofing aluminium sheet can be used in homes, hospitals, schools, even in commercial and office buildings.

4x8 aluminum sheet metal divided into by use?

 4x8 aluminum plate parameters

a: Temper of 4x8 aluminum sheet plate

H4, H12, H14, H16, H18, H22, H24, H116, T3, T6, T8 etc

Width: 4ft ( equivalent size: 48 inch, 1219mm, 1220mm )

Length: 8ft ( equivalent size: 96 inches, 2438mm, 2440mm )

Surface: Mill finish, Bright finish, paper interleaved, one side film, both sides film.

b: Alloys of 4x8 aluminum sheet plate

1050 aluminum sheet, 1060 aluminum sheet, 1070 aluminum sheet, 1100 aluminum sheet,3003 aluminum sheet, 3004 aluminum sheet, 3105 aluminum sheet, 5005 aluminum sheet,5052 aluminum sheet, 5083 aluminum sheet, 5086 aluminum sheet, 5454 aluminum sheet,5754 aluminum sheet, 5a06 aluminum sheet, 6005 aluminum sheet,6060 aluminum sheet,6061 aluminum sheet, 6063 aluminum sheet, 6082 aluminum sheet, 7075 aluminum sheet, etc

 Thickness of 4x8 aluminum sheet plate

  • 0.4 mm aluminum plate, 0.80 mm aluminum plate, 1mm aluminum plate, 1.8 mm aluminum plate, 2mm aluminum plate, 3mm aluminum plate, 4mm aluminum plate, 5mm aluminum plate, 6mm aluminum plate, etc
  • 1 inch aluminum sheet etc
  • 10 gauge aluminum sheet, 12 gauge aluminum sheet, 14 gauge aluminum sheet, 16 gauge aluminum sheet, 20 gauge aluminum sheet, etc

Hot selling sizes: 4x8x6mm etc

4x8 Aluminum Sheet Plate

 4x8 aluminum sheet chemical properties


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4 x 12 aluminum sheet, 5x8 aluminum sheet, 5x10 aluminum sheet, 6 x 8 aluminum sheet,

12 x 12 aluminum sheet, 24 x 24 aluminum sheet, 24 x 36 aluminum sheet, 24 x 48 aluminum sheet,

36 x 36aluminum sheet etc

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How much does a 4x8 of 3/16 aluminum sheet weigh?

3/16 is the thickness of the aluminum sheet in the representation of the aluminum sheet, the unit is inches, the thickness of 3/16 inches is 4.7625mm, so a 4x8 of 3/16 aluminum sheet weighs 38.277kg.

How to choose a 4x8 aluminum sheet?

Which aluminum alloy does 4x8 aluminum sheet metal?

The quality of aluminum plates is good or bad. How to choose the right 4X8 aluminum plate for your factory needs to be considered from the following perspectives.

1. 4x8 aluminum plate hardness. Hardness is one of the references for the quality of aluminum plates, and it is necessary to pay attention. The hardness of the aluminum plate has a direct impact on the chemical composition of the selected alloy, and different states will also be different. From the common aluminum alloy raw materials, 7 series, 2 series, 4 series, 6 series, 5 series, 3 series, 1 series, the hardness decreases in turn.

2. 4x8 aluminum plate strength. The strength of the aluminum sheet affects the subsequent processing. The strength of pure aluminum is lower, but the hardness of the 2 series and 7 series heat-treated aluminum sheets is higher.

3. Corrosion resistance of 4x8 aluminum plate. Corrosion resistance determines the service life of aluminum sheets. Generally speaking, the corrosion resistance of the 1 series pure aluminum is good, the 5 series is good, the 3 series and 6 series are good, and the 2 series and 7 series are weak. The selection principle of corrosion resistance should be determined according to its application.

4. Processing performance of 4x8 aluminum plate: When selecting aluminum plate, various states of strength range must be considered. Usually, high-strength materials are not easy to change shape. Aluminum sheets with good process performance are easy to be formed in aluminum bending, drawing, deep drawing, etc.

5. Weldability of aluminum plates: Most of the selected aluminum plates have good weldability, especially for some 5 series aluminum plates, which are specially designed for welding considerations. Compared with the surface, some 2 series and 7 series aluminum plates are more difficult to develop. by welding.

6. Decorative performance of aluminum plate: Some aluminum plates used in construction-related environments are subjected to anodizing, painting, and other applications on the surface to obtain the corresponding color and surface structure. In general, a good corrosion-resistant material, anodizing, surface properties, and excellent compatibility.

In our factory, the 4x8 metal aluminum sheet plate for sale mainly includes 1000 series 4x8 aluminum sheet plate, 3000 series 4x8 aluminum sheet plate, 5000 series 4x8 aluminum sheet plate, and 6000 series 4x8 aluminum sheet plate, and 7000 series 4x8 aluminium sheet plate.

These five types of sheets of aluminum have their unique specifications, advantages, and properties. The customers can choose the best kind of sheet aluminium according to their needs.

  4x8 aluminum sheet supplier

 4x8 aluminum sheet for sale --Henan Huawei Aluminum

There are numerous aluminum sheet manufacturers in China, Henan Huawei Aluminum is one of the first-level leaders. Henan Huawei Aluminum factory has been established for more than 18 years and after a long period of development, our enterprise now owns advanced equipment and strong technical force in aluminum sheet products. Henan Huawei Aluminum always takes technological innovation as a concept, in aluminum sheet production, we always update the production and inspection equipment, train aluminum production technicians, learn production technology at home and abroad. Because we believe high-quality superior aluminum alloys are the first ingredient to win customer trust.

4x8 aluminum sheet production workshop
4x8 aluminum sheet production workshop

As an 18 professional 4x8 aluminum sheet metal manufacturer and aluminum sheet supplier, we provide you with first-rate, attractive, and reasonable 4x8 aluminum sheet metal prices. Huawei aluminum has Excellent surface quality and package. Fast delivery, guaranteed delivery date, good reputation, 4x8 aluminum sheet metal for sale/best 4x8 aluminum sheet metal prices. Huawei aluminum welcomes you!

4x8 aluminum sheet packing details

4x8 aluminium sheet plate of the packaging meets the export standard. Plastic film and brown paper can be covered at customers’ needs. A wooden case or wooden pallet is adopted to protect products from damage during the delivery.

4x8 aluminum sheet plate
4x8 aluminum sheet plate packaging