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Brief introduction of perforated aluminum sheet

The perforated aluminum sheet is an aluminum plate with a specific pass type, which is obtained by punching the aluminum plate; the perforated aluminum sheet has many types of apertures, pass types, specifications, etc.;
Perforated aluminum sheet is a very popular decorative aluminum plate, because it can not only improve the aesthetics of the decorative panel, but also reduce weight and increase its service life;

perforated aluminum sheet

perforated aluminum sheet

 Hole type of perforated aluminum sheet

Long hole aluminum sheet, round hole aluminum sheet, oval hole perforated, square hole, oblong hole, triangle hole, fish scale hole, bridge hole, diamond hole, pentagonal hole, hexagonal hole, octagonal hole, cross-hole, nail hole, plum blossom hole, herringbone hole, I-beam hole and other shaped holes, micro-hole.

Other shapes: cloverleaf, tree, bird, plum flower, letter, lamp, etc

perforated aluminum sheet type picture display perforated aluminum sheet type picture display
Long hole aluminum sheet Long hole perforated aluminum sheet Round hole perforated aluminum sheet round hole perforated aluminum sheet
Oval hole perforated aluminum sheet Oval hole perforated sheet Square hole perforated aluminum sheet square hole perforated aluminum sheet
Triangle hole perforated aluminum sheet triangle hole perforated aluminum sheet Fish scale hole perforated aluminum sheet fish scale hole perdorated aluminum sheet
Diamond hole perforated aluminum sheet diamond hole perdorated aluminum sheet Hexagonal hole perforated aluminum sheet hexagonal hole perdorated aluminum sheet

Cost of perforated aluminum sheet

The raw material for the production of perforated aluminum sheets is still aluminum ingots, so the price of aluminum ingots is an important factor in determining the price of perforated aluminum sheets;
The second is the processing cost. The aluminum ingot needs to be rolled into an aluminum plate, then cut into a specific size, and then perforated on the specific size aluminum plate to finally get the perforated aluminum plate we want;

Aluminum ingot price
The last is the cost of packaging and transportation. As a well-known export company in China-Huawei Aluminum, we have a large number of packaging and transportation resources and can provide you with high-quality services;

How to made Perforated aluminium sheet

Perforated aluminum sheet is obtained by processing the aluminum sheet, and the required metal sheet is carefully put into the perforating machine. The software controls the spacing, size and location of the holes punched in the sheet metal.

To produce high-quality perforated metal, the entire sheet is loaded into a turret punch press. The machine can then punch holes using single-die or cluster tools as required, moving segment by segment through the stationary material.

CNC Punching Machine
As you can imagine, this approach can sometimes be a lengthy process. However, it works best with no repeating or intricate piercing patterns.

Typically, a certain amount of material along the length of the sheet will be left unperforated. This is done to create margins or solid white space around the edges of the material.

 Features of perforated metal aluminum sheet

  • 1. Light weight. Compared with steel plate, stainless steel plate, copper plate and other materials, aluminum plate has the advantage of light weight, and perforated aluminum plate has the same advantage;
  • 2. High strength, the aluminum alloy plate is based on the addition of certain elements on the basis of pure aluminum, so that its strength can be improved;
  • 3. Strong plasticity, aluminum plate has strong yield performance, and the machinability of punched aluminum plate is higher than other plates;
  • 4. Corrosion resistance, the surface of the aluminum plate can be oxidized to form an oxide layer, so it will not rust, and there is no need for surface anti-rust treatment during its service life;
  • 5. The appearance is beautiful, the punched aluminum plate can be customized according to the needs of customers, the hole type and hole density can be designed by ourselves, and the appearance is beautiful and generous;
  • 6. Breathable and light-transmitting, because punched aluminum plates have many different hole types, and different hole types have different light transmittance, so light transmittance is a unique characteristic of punched aluminum plates;

Common alloys for punched aluminum sheets

The most common uses of punched aluminum plates are screens, exterior wall decoration, partitions, etc. Such uses have certain requirements for the strength of the aluminum plate, and also have requirements for corrosion resistance, so the common alloy state is 3000 series aluminum alloy 3003 alloy, if you have higher requirements for corrosion resistance, you should choose 5052 alloy of 5000 series;
These two alloy states have the characteristics of strong corrosion resistance, light weight and high strength, which are very suitable for exterior wall decoration;

perforated aluminum sheet weight

The calculation of the weight of the punched aluminum plate is more troublesome, but there is always a way to solve this problem;
To know the perforated aluminum sheet weight, we must know its volume. Since the perforated aluminum sheet is not a solid regular body, the hole shape and hole density are not determined, so it is difficult for us to calculate its volume;
Let's take 4x8 perforated aluminum sheet 1/8 inches as an example, we can only roughly estimate its approximate weight, if we want to know the detailed weight, we can use the overflow method to measure its volume;
weight = volume x density

 What is perforated metal sheet used for?

As we all know, the performance determines the use, and the characteristics of the Perforated aluminum sheet determine its use. Our common uses are perforated aluminum foil for windows, perforated metal sheet for fence, perforated metal sheet for ceiling, perforated metal sheet for security door, perforated aluminum sheet for boat floor;
There are some other uses of Perforated aluminum sheet, as shown in the following table:

Architectural use: railing filler panels, sidewalks, weather screens (shade, wind and rain screens), rain screen walls, interior screens, ceilings, awning decorative applications
Industrial use: filtration, ventilation, safety grills, sound attenuation, air pressure control, fencing, machine guards, steps
Agriculture: pest control, screening and grading, milling, hog, sheep or cattle floors, grain dryers
Quarries and Recycling Industry: Screening and Grading
Medical: Autoclaves and cadaver trays, ventilation heaters, test tube racks. Piercing equipment for the medical industry with chemical resistance and filtration
Traffic: sign panels, sound partitions
Miscellaneous: Speaker grills, metal partitions, fencing

Perforated aluminum sheet for building construction

1: Perforated aluminum sheet for building

Perforated aluminum sheet for electronic products

2: Perforated alu sheet for electronic products

Perforated aluminum sheet for food

3: Perforated aluminum sheet for food

Perforated aluminum sheet for furniture

4: Perforated aluminum sheet for furniture

Applications of perforated aluminum sheet: Various kinds of shaped hole plate mesh for food machinery, drying screen instrument case shell,  and other various equipment. Lightweight concave-convex round hole meshes for platforms, pedals, filters, and various filter valves, CNC machining, sound barrier ( filtering sound absorption ), rainproof, boat, walking floor sheet ( walkway ), etc.

It can be used for building walls, sound-absorbing materials for ceilings and outdoor wall panels in buildings, balcony fence panel, curtain wall aluminum screen decoration facade, and interior perforated sheet, aluminium perforated louvers sheets, balustrade, wall partition panels, decorative fashion false ceiling tiles, ACP ( aluminum composite panel ), ACM ( aluminum cladding material ), etc
Perforated aluminum sheet wall decoration

Perforated aluminum sheet wall decoration

Also used for environmental protection noise control barriers in highways, railroads, subways, and other transportation and municipal facilities that cross-city lots, sound-absorbing panels for sound insulation and noise reduction in generator rooms, factory plants, and other noise sources, ultra-fine decorative hole plates for stairs, balconies, protective covers for machinery and equipment, gorgeous The soundbox mesh cover, grain, feed, mining mill sieve, mine sieve, I sieve, kitchen equipped with a stainless steel fruit basket, food cover, fruit plate, and other kitchen utensils, and shopping malls with shelf mesh, decorate display table, grain store ventilation mesh, soccer field lawn seepage water filter mesh, etc

Parameters of Perforated Aluminum Sheet Plate.

Perforated Aluminum Sheet Specifications
Equivalent  name perforated aluminum mesh, honeycombed crocodile aluminum sheet, pressed hole aluminum sheet, etc
Alloys 1050, 1100 ( 99% pure aluminum ), 3003, 5005, 5052, 5754, 6061, 6063 etc
Temper O - H112, T3 - T8
Thickness 0.2mm, 1mm, 1.5mm, 1.6mm, 0.02", 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm ( thick, solid sheet) etc
Sheet Sizes (customized):4x8, 90 by 90, 1.25" * 1.25", 12 x 12, 18" x 24", 60 x60cm etc
Hot Selling  4x8 aluminum sheet, 3mm aluminum sheet
Technology punching press, laser cutting, hot rolled, die casting, etc
Surface Treatment Anodized, embossed, etc
Color Coated green power coating, white painted, red PVDF prepainted, black PE coat, etc
Surface Protection with plastic ( pvc ) film

Sales and Supply of Aluminum Sheet Plates.

ⅰ:Perforated aluminum sheet near me

Huawei Aluminum is a professional manufacturer and supplier of aluminum alloy raw materials, which can provide perforated aluminum sheets of various shapes and sizes, and give you the appropriate price to meet your ordering needs.

ⅱ:Perforated metal aluminum sheet price

The price of perforated aluminum sheets deponds on the quantity, alloy, temper, pattern, etc. You can send us your requirements, which include the details design.

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perforated aluminum sheet

perforated aluminium sheet

Where to buy decorative perforated aluminum sheet

In recent years, China has become a big manufacturing and exporting country. Due to the rapid development of China's manufacturing technology, the quality and cost control of products can reach the world's top level; Huawei Aluminum, as a well-known aluminum product manufacturer in China, our punched aluminum plate sales To all over the world, the following are the countries where our customers are located:

Asia: Vietnam, Thailand, Korea, Indonesia, United Arab Emirates, India, Malaysia,Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, Uzbekistan, Philippines,China Taiwan, Egypt, Singapore, Pakistan, Israel, Qatar, Jordan, Iran, China Hong Kong, Oman, Iraq, Brunei, Algeria, etc.
South America: Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Brazil, Ecuador, Argentina, Bolivia, etc.
Europe: Turkey, France, Italy, U.K., Poland, Hungary, Norway, Belgium, Czech, Romania, Ukraine, Russia, Germany, Netherlands, etc.
North America: Dominican, El Salvador, U.S., Canada, etc.
Africa: Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, Tunisia, Djibouti, Kenya, Morocco, Ethiopia, Gabon, Tanzania, Mozambique, etc.
Oceania: Australia, New Zealand, etc.

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