What are the applications of perforated aluminium sheet?

As we all know, the performance determines the use, and the characteristics of the Perforated aluminium sheet determine its use. Our common uses are perforated aluminum sheet for windows, perforated metal sheet for fence, perforated metal sheet for ceiling, perforated metal sheet for security door, perforated aluminium sheet for boat floor, etc.

Perforated aluminum sheet for building construction Perforated aluminum sheet for electronic products
Perforated aluminium sheet for building Perforated alu sheet for electronic products
Perforated aluminum sheet for food Perforated aluminum sheet for furniture
Perforated aluminuim sheet for food Perforated aluminum sheet for furniture

The specific application categories are as follows:

Architectural use wall decoration, windows, ceilingrailing, security door, filler panels, sidewalks, weather screens (shade, wind and rain screens), rain screen walls, interior screens, ceilings, awning decorative applications, etc.
Industrial use boat floor, filtration, ventilation, safety grills, sound attenuation, air pressure control, fencing, machine guards, steps
Agriculture pest control, screening and grading, milling, hog, sheep or cattle floors, grain dryers
Quarries and Recycling Industry: Screening and Grading, etc.
Medical Autoclaves and cadaver trays, ventilation heaters, test tube racks. Piercing equipment for the medical industry with chemical resistance and filtration, etc.
Traffic sign panels, sound partitions, metal partitions, fencing, etc.
electronic product Speaker grills, etc.