5052 Aluminum Sheet

5052 aluminum sheet is a non-heat-treatable alloy, but it can be strengthened by cold working to make it stronger; its biggest feature is its strong corrosion resistance. In addition, 5052 aluminum sheet can also be welded. Surface strengthening treatment, etc.

5052 aluminum sheet

5052 aluminum production workshop

Huawei Aluminum supplies a large number of 5052 aluminum sheets, and we also provide customization in different annealing states, sizes and thicknesses.

5052 Aluminum Chemical Composition

Element Al Mg Mn Fe Cu Cr Si Zn
Percentage 97.3 2.2 - 2.8 0.1 max 0.4 max 0.1 max 0.15 - 0.35 0.25 max 0.1 max

Because of Mg chemical in 5052 aluminum, it has strong corrosion resistance;

Mn element is the main element to improve the strength of 5052 grade aluminum;

5052 aluminum sheet thickness chart

Although we provide thickness customization of 5052 aluminum sheet, we will still stock some common thickness 5052 aluminum sheets, the following is our inventory thickness table of 5052 aluminum sheets;

Thickness(Inch) Width(Foot) Length(Foot) Inventory(T)
3/32" (0.090") 4Foot, 5Foot, 6Foot 8Foot, 10Foot, 12Foot 200T
1/8" (0.125") 4Foot, 5Foot, 6Foot  8Foot, 10Foot, 12Foot 300T
1/4" (0.25") 4Foot, 5Foot, 6Foot  8Foot, 10Foot, 12Foot 200T
3/8" 4Foot, 5Foot, 6Foot  8Foot, 10Foot, 12Foot 150T
1/2" (0.50") 4Foot, 5Foot, 6Foot  8Foot, 10Foot, 12Foot 100T
.032" 4Foot, 5Foot, 6Foot  8Foot, 10Foot, 12Foot 200T
.040" 4Foot, 5Foot, 6Foot  8Foot, 10Foot, 12Foot 200T
.063" 4Foot, 5Foot, 6Foot  8Foot, 10Foot, 12Foot 150T

Cutting sizes 5052 aluminum sheet

  1. 4x8 aluminum sheet
  2. 4x10 aluminum sheet
  3. 5x10 aluminum sheet
  4. 5x12 aluminum sheet
  5. Marine-grade 5052 alloy aluminum plate

Surface treatment of 5052 aluminum sheet

Brushed, mirror finish, color coated ( white PVDF ), anodize, etc

5052 Aluminum Sheet Thickness Tolerance

As we all know, in the mass processing and production of aluminum plates, product tolerances will definitely exist, but Huawei, as an experienced aluminum product manufacturer, can stably control the thickness tolerance of aluminum plates within a certain range, which is Things that many manufacturers cannot do, our tolerance range varies according to the thickness, which can be roughly divided into 3 levels, ±3%, ±5%, ±10%;

5052 Aluminum Sheet Mechanical Properties

Brinell Hardness Elastic (Young's, Tensile) Modulus Elongation at Break Fatigue Strength Poisson's Ratio Shear Modulus Shear Strength Tensile Strength: Ultimate (UTS) Tensile Strength: Yield (Proof)
60 68 GPa 12 % 120 MPa 0.33 26 GPa 140 MPa 230 MPa 180 MPa

Features of 5052 aluminum sheet

  • 1. As a kind of aluminum alloy sheet, 5052 aluminum sheet has the characteristics of low density of aluminum alloy, the density is only 2.9g/cm3;
  • 2.5052 aluminum is a non-heat treatable aluminum that can be strengthened by cold treatment;
  • 3. Weldability is also one of the characteristics of 5052 aluminum;
  • 4. Excellent corrosion resistance is one of the reasons why 5052 aluminum can be widely used;
  • 5.Aluminum can be easily formed. For example, grade 3003 aluminum has excellent formability. Other grades such as 5052, 6061, 6063 have good formability.
  • 6. High strength is also an excellent feature of aluminum alloy. The tensile strength of pure aluminum is 13KSI. The aluminum alloy obtained by adding other elements can reach 100KSI after cold working. used for structural applications.

5052 Aluminum Sheet And Plate

The aluminum sheet and the aluminum plate are essentially the same, the only difference is the thickness, the thickness of the aluminum sheet is between the aluminum foil and 6mm, and the aluminum plate is a metal plate with a thickness higher than 6mm;

5052 aluminum plate 5052 aluminum sheet
5052 aluminum plate 5052 aluminum sheet

what is 5052 aluminum used for?

The corrosion resistance of 5052 aluminum plate is very high, so it is often used in chemical containers, marine parts, mailboxes and other places with strong corrosion; but according to the characteristics of 5052 aluminum plate, it can also be used in more place;
Alloy 5052 is typically used in:

refrigerator liner Barrels of gasoline storm shutters pressure vessel panel
road sign marine application container chemical industry medical equipment
Seawater desalination device Marine hardware hull tank Ladders

What is the difference between 6061 and 5052 aluminum?

Num Aluminum Alloy Type 5052 aluminum sheet 6061 aluminum sheet
1 Alloy Series 5000 series 6000 series
2 Alloy Properties Al+Mg Mg+Si
3 Heat Treatment Heat treatment not hardening Can be strengthened by heat treatment
4 Weight 5 series aluminum alloy is lighter than 6 series
5 Application Used as rolled material, aluminum sheet for automotive sheet
6 Features Low density, high tensile strength, high elongation Medium strength, with good plasticity and excellent corrosion resistance

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