What is the best grade of aluminum tig wire for welding 2mm aluminum plates 5052 to 6063 ?

When welding 2mm aluminum plates of 5052 to 6063 alloys using TIG welding, a suitable choice for filler wire is typically 5356 aluminum alloy. Here are the key considerations:

  1. Alloy Compatibility: 5356 is designed for welding 5XXX series aluminum alloys, which includes 5052. It is also suitable for welding dissimilar aluminum alloys, like 5052 to 6063.
  2. Chemical Composition: 5356 contains higher levels of magnesium, providing good strength and corrosion resistance. This composition is suitable for welding 5052 and is also compatible with 6063.
  3. Welding Characteristics: 5356 filler wire offers good flow characteristics during welding, making it easier to handle. It provides good strength and ductility to the welded joint.
  4. Application: 5356 is commonly used for general-purpose welding of aluminum where high-strength welds with good corrosion resistance are required.

Before welding, ensure that you thoroughly clean the aluminum surfaces to remove any oxides, dirt, or contaminants. Also, make sure your welding equipment is set up for TIG welding aluminum, and use a high-purity argon shielding gas.

Always follow the specific recommendations from the filler wire manufacturer, and consider performing a test weld on scrap material to fine-tune your settings and techniques before welding the actual project. If you have any specific requirements or concerns, consulting with welding professionals or experts can provide valuable guidance.

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