4x10 aluminum plate size conversion

4x10 Aluminum Sheet (4'x 10') also called 48"x 120",because this is an imperial measure. The single quote ' refers to the foot. 4' and 10' respectively indicate 4 foot and 10 foot, 1 foot=304.8 mm, 4'=1219 mm,10'=3048mm

4'*10' indicates the width of aluminum sheet plate × length = 4 foot × 10 foot = 1219mm × 3048mm.

4x10 aluminum sheet
4x10 aluminum sheet

 Size chart of commonly used size aluminum plates

Aluminum sizeEquivalent namefootmillimeter
4x8 aluminum sheet4'x8'aluminum sheet4ftx8ft1219mmx2438mm
4x10 aluminum sheet4'x10'aluminum sheet4ftx10ft1219mmx3048mm
4x12 aluminum sheet4'x12'aluminum sheet4ftx12ft1219mmx3658mm
5x10 aluminum sheet5'x10'aluminum sheet5ftx10ft1524mmx3048mm
5x12 aluminum sheet5'x12'aluminum sheet5ftx12ft1524mmx3658mm
aluminum sheet size chart

 Thickness of hot selling 4x10 aluminum sheet

1/2 inch 4×10 aluminum sheet metal1/4" 4'x10' aluminum sheet metal1/8 inch 4×10 aluminum sheet metal1/16" 4×10 aluminum sheet metal
10 gauge 4×10 aluminum sheet metal12 gauge 4×10 aluminum sheet metal14 gauge 4×10 aluminum sheet metal16 gauge 4×10 aluminum sheet metal
22 gauge 4×10 aluminum sheet metal24 gauge 4×10 aluminum sheet metal1mm 4×10′ Aluminum Sheet Metal2mm 4'x10' Aluminum Sheet
3mm 4'x10' Aluminum Sheet4mm 4'x10' Aluminum Sheet5mm 4'x10' Aluminum Sheet6mm 4×10 Aluminum Sheet Metal

1 inch 4×10 aluminum sheet metal

 4x10 aluminum sheet surface treatment

4×10 Diamond plate, 4×10′ Diamond Aluminum Tread Plate, 4'x10' diamond plate, 4×10′ aluminum lattice plate, 4×10 embossed aluminum plate4'x10' coated aluminum plate,  4'x10'sprayed aluminum plate, 4×10 perforated aluminum plate.

4x10 aluminum sheet
4x10 aluminum sheet

 Which aluminum alloy can do 4x10 aluminum sheet?

In our factory, the 4x10 Aluminum Sheet Metal for sale mainly includes 1000 series aluminum sheet, 3000 series aluminum sheet,5000 series aluminum sheet,6000 series aluminum, and 7000 series. These five types of sheets of aluminium have their unique specifications, advantages, and properties. The customers can choose the best kind of sheet aluminium according to their needs.

4x10 aluminum sheet supplier
4x10 aluminum sheet supplier