What is 4x10 aluminum sheet

4x10 aluminum sheet is a fixed size aluminum sheet with a length of 10 feet and a width of 4 feet. For convenience, we call it 4x10 aluminum sheet. Other names for 4x10 aluminum sheet are: 4'x10'aluminum sheet, 4 ft x 10 ft aluminum sheet;
The common alloy state of 4x10 aluminum sheet is 1050 alloy, 1060 alloy, 1100 alloy, 3003 alloy, 3004 alloy, 3105 alloy, 5052 alloy, etc., which are usually used as exterior wall decorative panels, and their surface will be changed through secondary processing.

4x10 aluminum sheet

4x10 aluminum sheet

4x10 aluminum sheet size conversion

4x10 Aluminum Sheet (4'x 10') also called 48"x 120",because this is an imperial measure. The single quote ' refers to the foot. 4' and 10' respectively indicate 4 foot and 10 foot, 1 foot=304.8 mm, 4'=1219 mm,10'=3048mm

4'*10' indicates the width of aluminum sheet plate × length = 4 foot × 10 foot = 1219mm × 3048mm.

4x10 aluminum sheet cutting production line

Size chart of commonly used size aluminum plates

Aluminum size Equivalent name foot millimeter
4x8 aluminum sheet 4'x8'aluminum sheet 4ftx8ft 1219mmx2438mm
4x10 aluminum sheet 4'x10'aluminum sheet 4ftx10ft 1219mmx3048mm
4x12 aluminum sheet 4'x12'aluminum sheet 4ftx12ft 1219mmx3658mm
5x10 aluminum sheet 5'x10'aluminum sheet 5ftx10ft 1524mmx3048mm
5x12 aluminum sheet 5'x12'aluminum sheet 5ftx12ft 1524mmx3658mm

Thickness of hot selling 4x10 aluminum sheet

1/2 inch 4×10 aluminum sheet metal 1/4" 4'x10' aluminum sheet metal 1/8 inch 4×10 aluminum sheet metal 1/16" 4×10 aluminum sheet metal
10 gauge 4×10 aluminum sheet metal 12 gauge 4×10 aluminum sheet metal 14 gauge 4×10 aluminum sheet metal 16 gauge 4×10 aluminum sheet metal
22 gauge 4×10 aluminum sheet metal 24 gauge 4×10 aluminum sheet metal 1mm 4×10′ Aluminum Sheet Metal 2mm 4'x10' Aluminum Sheet
3mm 4'x10' Aluminum Sheet 4mm 4'x10' Aluminum Sheet 5mm 4'x10' Aluminum Sheet 6mm 4×10 Aluminum Sheet Metal

Surface quality of 4x10 aluminum sheet

We have sold a lot of 4x10 aluminum sheets all over the world. Through our sales experience, we know that when purchasing 4x10 aluminum sheets, customers are very concerned about the surface quality of 4x10 aluminum sheets. Some problems often occur on the surface of 4x10 aluminum sheet, such as scratches (due to the soft texture of aluminum alloy, it is easy to be scratched during transportation), macular (quality problems, caused by production process), black lines, flatness, length and width Tolerance, diagonal tolerance, in our 21 years of aluminum product production and sales, we have provided customers with many high-quality products, not only in the control of production, but also in packaging, transportation, and after-sales. Provide satisfactory service to customers.

4x10 aluminum sheet supplier

4x10 aluminum sheet supplier

4x10 aluminum sheet application and industry analysis

4x10 aluminum sheet is a common size of aluminum sheet in the market, easy to process, and easy to buy, so 4x10 aluminum sheet has many uses, the most well-known use is in the exterior decorative plate of the wall, many customers After purchasing 4x10 aluminum sheet, it will undergo secondary processing, the most important thing is to carry out surface treatment to change the state of its surface.

Since 4x10 aluminum sheet is mostly used in exterior wall decoration, the market of 4x10 aluminum sheet is mostly distributed in relatively developed Europe and no regions. Our 4x10 aluminum sheet is sold in Germany, Italy, France, Turkey, the United States, Australia, South Korea and other regions, in these regions, the economy is relatively prosperous, there are relatively many landmark buildings, and the requirements for the outer surface of the building are relatively high. However, aluminum alloy is a kind of light weight, easy surface processing, and relatively High corrosion resistance, so the sales volume of 4x10 aluminum sheet in these areas is relatively high.

4x10 aluminum sheet surface treatment

4x10 aluminum sheet is to be used for the decoration of the exterior wall. Many customers will perform secondary processing on it. The processing techniques include bending, punching, painting, and some surface treatment. The focus of processing is surface treatment, but the way of surface treatment There are many kinds, and I will introduce them to you below:

  • 1. 4x10 sprayed aluminum plate

Customers can paint the 4x10 aluminum sheet according to their own needs. Painting can not only change the surface color of the 4x10 aluminum sheet, but also change the smoothness and brightness of the surface. It also has certain anti-corrosion and anti-aging capabilities in terms of functionality;

  • 2. 4×10 perforated aluminum plate

4x10 aluminum sheet needs to be punched in some applications. The advantage of punching is that it can reduce the weight of the aluminum sheet to a certain extent, and can achieve a beautiful effect, as well as a certain heat dissipation capacity;

  • 3. 4×10 mirror aluminum plate

Polishing is a way of mirror treatment, which makes the surface of the 4x10 aluminum sheet smoother and improves the aesthetics;

  • 4. 4×10 embossed aluminum plate

Embossing treatment is also a common treatment method, which changes the surface form of the aluminum plate and improves the texture;

4x10 aluminum sheet surface treatment

4x10 aluminum sheet surface treatment

4x10 aluminum sheet container loading

4x10 aluminum sheet container loading
The size of 4x10 aluminum sheet is relatively large, and the weight of a single piece should not exceed 3.5 Ton when packing.
4x10 aluminum sheet needs to pay attention to some problems when loading the container. The length and width of the small transport container we usually use are 5800mm and 2300mm respectively. 1219mm, so only one stack can be loaded when loading the container, so the utilization rate of the transport container is very low, and one container can only hold 15-17 Ton of goods.

Suggestions for this issue:

Due to the special size of 4x10 aluminum sheet, the shipping container cannot be fully utilized, which increases the shipping cost of a single product. For such problems, our suggestion is to buy products of other sizes for assembly, such as 4x8 aluminum sheet, 1000mm x 2000mm aluminum sheet, so that we can hold more products in one shipping container, thus reducing our shipping cost.

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