What's the thickness of the 20 gauge aluminum sheet?

How thick is 20 gauge aluminum sheet?20 gauge aluminum sheet is a way of expressing the thickness of aluminum sheet, which means that the thickness specification of aluminum sheet is 20 inches, which is a description method commonly used by manufacturers.20 gauge aluminum sheets thickness is 0.032inch(20 gauge  sheet metal thickness in mm is 0.8128mm).

20 gauge aluminum sheet
20 gauge aluminum sheet metal size

Aluminum sheet metal sizes

"Gauge" is a method of expressing the thickness specification of aluminum alloy sheet. In addition to 20 ga aluminum sheet, there are other common aluminum sheets with a thickness of 1-40 series ga.

Aluminum Gauge(Ga/ga)

Aluminum Thickness(Inch/In)

Aluminum Thickness(MM/mm)

1 gauge0.289"7.35
2 gauge0.257"6.54
3 gauge0.230"5.83
4 gauge0.205"5.20
5 gauge0.182"4.62
6 gauge0.164"4.16
7 gauge0.144"3.67
8 gauge0.128"3.26
9 gauge0.115"2.91
10 gauge0.102"2.59
11 gauge0.091"2.30
12 gauge0.081"2.05
13 gauge0.072"1.83
14 gauge0.064"1.63
15 gauge0.057"1.45
16 gauge0.051"1.29
17 gauge0.045"1.15
18 gauge0.0401.02
19 gauge0.036"0.91
20 gauge0.032"0.81
21 gauge0.028"0.72
22 gauge0.025"0.64
23 gauge0.022"0.57
24 gauge0.020"0.51
25 gauge0.018"0.46
26 gauge0.016"0.40
27 gauge0.014"0.36
28 gauge0.013"0.32
29 gauge0.011"0.29
30 gauge0.010"0.25
31 gauge0.009"0.23
32 gauge0.008"0.20
33 gauge0.007"0.18
34 gauge0.006"0.16
35 gauge0.0055"0.14
36 gauge0.005"0.13
37 gauge0.0044"0.114
38 gauge0.004"0.10
39 gauge0.0035"0.09
40 gauge0.003"0.08

20 gauge aluminum sheet price

The price of 20 gauge sheet aluminum is the same as that of ordinary 1-8 series aluminum sheet, and the specific price depends on the 20 gauge aluminum sheet tempers and a change in the aluminum price of the day. The price of aluminum plate is inseparable from the price of aluminum ingot. As the raw material of aluminum plate, aluminum ingot can determine the overall price of aluminum plate by the price of aluminum ingot. In addition, the type, craftsmanship and brand of the aluminum plate also affect the price of the aluminum plate.Learn Aluminum Alloy Price

20 gauge aluminum sheet weight

A 20 gauge 4x8 aluminum sheet weighs about 6.55kg.

The Specification of 20 ga aluminum sheet

The following table is the regular production specification of 20 gauge aluminium sheets, if you have other needs, we can also customize it for you.
  • 1000 series:1050,1060,1100,1200
  • 3000 series:3003,3004,
  • 5000 series:5052,5005,5754,5454
  • 6000 series:6061,6063,6065,6060
  • 7000 series:7075
  • 8000 series:8011,8021,8079
Size4'x8',4'x10',24x20,10 feet x 20 feet
Applicationhome depot;ace hardware;perforated
Tolerance± 0.0030"
TempersT351, H112, T651, T7451, H112, h2-h4, H111, H116, hx1-hx9, T651, T4, T6,etc
BrandHuawei Aluminium

Aluminum sheet supplier

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