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 5083 aluminum sheet introduction

5083 aluminum sheet belongs to Al-Mg-Si 5000 series aluminium alloys. Its main contents are Magnesium and Silicon except for Aluminum. Over 4.0% of Magnesium enables 5083 aluminum alloy to have excellent resistance to correction and is easy to weld. By adding copper, the 5083 aluminum sheet has 28% Electrical conductivity.
5083 aluminum sheet also has good forming characteristics for either hot or cold working. But hardening is accomplished by means of cold working only. Besides, the 5083 aluminum sheet does have good strength but is non-heat-treatable.

5083 aluminium-sheets-alloy

5083 aluminium sheets

 5083 aluminum sheet Chemical Composition

Silicon Iron Copper Manganese Magnesium Chromium Zinc Titanium Others, each Others, total
0.4 0.4 0.1 0.40-1.0 4.0-4.9 0.05-0.25 0.25 0.15 0.05 0.15

 Typical Mechanical Properties Of 5083 aluminum sheet

Temper Tensile Strength Yield Strength Elongation
O (annealed) 42 KSI 21 KSI 14 %
H112 43 KSI 23 KSI 10 %
H116 46 KSI 33 KSI 10 %
H321 46 KSI 33 KSI 10 %

 5083 aluminum sheet analysis of advantages and disadvantages

In addition to its excellent resistance against seawater and industrial chemicals, it has good weldability. One disadvantage of the grade is that it is not heat treatable.

The high corrosion resistance determines that 5083 aluminum sheet can be immersed in strong corrosive seawater for a long time, which also determines the important position of 5083 aluminum sheet in ship manufacturing and yacht manufacturing.

However, good weldability is also the reason why 5083 aluminum sheet is widely used in shipbuilding, because the volume of the ship is very large, 5083 aluminum sheet has a certain size limit when it is produced, so the shipyard is using When 5083 aluminum sheet is used, it is necessary to cut, bend, and weld the aluminum sheet according to its own needs. At this time, the easy welding performance of 5083 aluminum sheet is particularly important.

 Applications of 5083 aluminum sheet plate

With excellent corrosion resistance and weldability, together with high strength, 5083 alloys were designed for welded structures requiring maximum joint strength and efficiency. Can be anodized for increased corrosion resistance, but does not lend itself to decorative applications. Not meant to be a machining alloy, but can be machined fairly well with proper preparations. Because of its relatively high magnesium content, the workability rating would only be fair. Non-heat treatable. Typical applications include large marine craft, containers, railroad cars, structural, and elevator cars.

5083 aluminum sheet application

Applications of 5083 aluminum sheet plate

5083 aluminum plate has vast applications for its properties. It is commonly used in the manufacture of marine, auto aircraft cryogenics, storage tank, railway cars, coachwork, armor plate, building construction, pressure vessels, etc.

  • Shipbuilding
  • LNG ship construction
  • Car body
  • Pressure vessel
  • Oil storage tank
  • Welded construction (high strength)
  • Armor plate

Pressure vessel

Car body

Car body



Armor plate

Armor plate

 5083 aluminum sheet vs 5052 aluminum sheet

5083 aluminum sheet and 5052 aluminum sheet are both relatively long-term Marine Aluminum Sheets. Similarly, 5083 aluminum sheet and 5052 aluminum sheet are the star products of 5 series aluminum sheets. Product performance and market utilization rate are dominant, but there are still some subtle parts. Some differences, 5083 aluminum plate has higher strength and better thermal conductivity than 5052 plate. In the tempered state, it retains good formability due to its excellent ductility. And 5083 aluminum plate has very good weldability. It is hardened by cold work. At present, the most widely used is the shipbuilding and armored vehicle Armor plate.

The 5052 aluminum sheet is also famous as the Marine Aluminum Sheet, but the 5052 aluminum sheet is an ideal material for driving in fresh water such as yachts. The 5052 aluminum sheet has certain corrosion resistance, and the price of the 5052 aluminum sheet is relatively competitive. For ships, 5083-H116 aluminum sheet and 5083-H321 aluminum sheet are the best choices because of their higher magnesium content and higher corrosion resistance.

5083 aluminum sheet features:

1. Excellent Corrosion Resistance.5083 aluminum sheet can effectively resist corrosion from the atmosphere (including marine steam and industrial atmosphere), freshwater, seawater, neutral inorganic salt solution, most acids, and organic matter.

2. Good Weldability. No matter what kind of welding method, such as gas welding, arc welding, contact spot welding, wire welding, etc.,5083 aluminum sheets can show good weldability.

3. Other Characteristics. In addition, the 5083 aluminum sheet has good formability and high fatigue strength. However, the 5083 aluminum sheet can not be strengthened by heat treatment, and its plasticity is good when it is semi-cold-work hardened, its plasticity is low when it is cold-work hardened, and its machinability is general and other characteristics.
5083 aluminum sheet features

5083 aluminum suppliers

Advantages of 5083 aluminum sheet in shipbuilding

  • 1.5083 aluminum sheet has low density, which helps to reduce the weight of the ship and reduce fuel consumption. It also improves the aspect ratio and stability of the vessel, making it easier to maneuver.
  • 2.5083 aluminum plate has excellent corrosion resistance, reducing maintenance costs such as refueling.
  • 3. It has good processing and forming performance, and is easy to process in various forms such as cutting, stamping, cold bending, forming, and cutting. This contributes to the lightening of the ship and the rationalization of the structure.
  • 4.5083 aluminum plate has good welding performance and reduces the number of welding.


5083 aluminum sheet price

5083 aluminum sheet market analysis

As a company with 21 years of production and sales of aluminum products, we have sold a lot of 5083 aluminum sheets, and the 5083 aluminum sheets we sold are roughly in Germany, Turkey, Australia, the United States, France and other regions.

5083 aluminum sheet production