Specifications of automobile aluminum sheets

  • Alloys: 5005 aluminum sheet, 5182 aluminum sheet, 5754 aluminum sheet, etc

automobile aluminum sheet

 The performance of aluminum plate for auto

1. Good formability is required

The formability of sheet metal refers to its ability to withstand shape changes in the stamping process. Formability can be evaluated by a formability test. At present, there are a large number of test results on the formability of steel plates, but the formability test results of aluminum alloy plates can fully meet the needs of automobile performance.

2. Certain aging stability

The property that aluminum alloy sheets do not age when stored at room temperature is called aging stability. Because aging will make the alloy elongation at the yield point during tensile deformation, that is, Lude ribbon, resulting in uneven surface deformation and wrinkling during stamping, affecting the appearance of stamping parts; Plates often need to be transported and stored for some time from production to parts stamping. Generally, plates are required to be stored at room temperature for 6 months without aging.

3. Good bake hardenability

After stamping, automotive stamping parts will also produce aging when they are baked with paint, which will increase their yield strength, which is called bake hardening. High bake hardenability will give parts high dent resistance. Shanghai Ruimin Aluminum Co., Ltd. hopes that the baking hardenability of aluminum alloy plate is the best and compatible with the painting process of steel plates because most car enterprises currently design the paint baking process for steel plates, and the baking hardenability of aluminum alloy plates is obviously different from that of steel; The bake hardenability of the material can be evaluated according to relevant standards.

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4. Good flanging ductility

When stamping flanging of automobile outer panel, the cracking resistance of plate is called flanging ductility. Therefore, an aluminum alloy plate is required to have good flanging ductility to ensure no cracking during flanging. The flanging ductility of the plate is related to the total elongation of the plate and the internal structure of the material. The flanging ductility can be tested by cold bending test, but the sensitivity of strain rate is not considered in general cold bending, while the deformation is fast and the strain rate is large during stamping flanging, so there are higher requirements for flanging ductility.

5. Good surface freshness

An aluminum alloy plate is different from a steel plate, and its grain size is much larger than that of steel. Under the coarser grain, if the grain size is uneven, it will lead to uneven deformation like rope grommet on the surface of stamping parts along the rolling direction. This surface defect is also called Luo Ping line, resulting in inconsistent surface gloss after painting. Therefore, aluminum alloy plate for automobile needs to have better surface gloss.

6. Surface treatment and coating performance

Before painting, the surface of iron and steel materials should be pickled and Phosphated to improve the adhesion between the surface of stamping parts and paint and improve their corrosion resistance; Because there will be a closely bonded oxide film on the surface of aluminum alloy, the surface treatment method before painting is different from that of iron and steel materials. Instead of using the general acid phosphating method, chromium treatment is adopted. Considering the toxicity of hexavalent chromium to the human body, chromium-free or low chromium treatment technology has been developed in recent years, which can meet the needs of enterprises.

 Aluminum sheet for car parts

The 5 series aluminum plate is widely used in automobiles and is a good helper to realize the lightweight of automobiles. Aluminum-magnesium alloy 5754 aluminum plate has good corrosion resistance, processing performance, weldability, and other characteristics, and is very commonly used in auto parts. Automobile doors, fuel tanks, engine covers, etc. can all be made of this material.

aluminum sheet for car
aluminum sheet for car

5754 aluminum plates for auto parts are lightweight and durable-energy saving and emission reduction

1. Aluminum has good mechanical properties, and its density is only 1/3 of that of steel. Aluminum alloy can reduce the weight of the vehicle by 10% and increase the fuel efficiency by 6%-8%;

2. The 5754 aluminum plate is a typical anti-rust aluminum, and the naturally formed oxide film on the surface has good corrosion resistance, and the durability of aluminum alloy auto parts is better;

3. Aluminum has good energy absorption and has obvious advantages in collision safety. It can absorb a large amount of impact during a collision to protect the safety of passengers and drivers.

 5005 aluminum sheet for automotive inspection tools and fixtures

Gauges and fixtures play an important role in automobiles

Inspection tools and fixtures are important automotive parts. Inspection tools are indispensable for quality control and can help achieve mass production of standardized parts, greatly improve production efficiency, significantly reduce the cost of automotive production, and truly play a role in reducing costs and increasing efficiency. Jig is a kind of tooling, are welding, machining, and other clamping fixed another part with, many times, need to assemble several parts and ensure that its positioning is accurate when you need.

What are the advantages of the 5005 aluminum sheets for automotive inspection tools and fixtures?

With the popularity of lightweight, aluminum alloy automotive inspection tools and fixtures have become commonplace. At present, aluminum automotive inspection tools, fixtures often use 5 series, 6 series aluminum plates, the most common to be 5005 aluminum plate. On the one hand, the aluminum plate is light and easy to operate; on the other hand, its stability and reliability meet the design requirements of automotive inspection tools and fixtures.

 5182 aluminum sheet for automobile

5182 aluminum sheet is an Al-Mg system alloy with stable performance, corrosion resistance, excellent weldability, good cold workability, and medium strength. The thickness of the 5182 aluminum sheet for auto is 0.15-600mm and the width is 20-2600mm, which is successfully applied to the door, hood, and front and rear wings of the car. Feedback from customers shows that 5182 automotive aluminum sheet has a good stamping effect, good welding effect, no cracks, and corrosion resistance.

aluminum sheet for car