2024 Aluminum Sheet

Properties of 2024 Aluminum Sheet

2024 aluminum sheet is a typical hard aluminum alloy (Al-Cu-Mg). It has more reasonable composition and better overall performance. It has a largest amount of market. Characteristics of the alloy: high strength, great resistance of heat which can be used below150°C . The alloy 2024 has a higher strength than 7075 alloy if the temperature is over 125°C. With the heat treatment, annealing and quenching conditions, it has a better formability. The effect of heat strengthening is obviously, but the processing is really strict with high standard. In addition, the heat treatment strengthening effect of the 2024 aluminum sheet is the most significant. whether it is in the hot state, annealed or newly hardened, Its formability and machinability are very good. However, the heat treatment process of 2024 aluminum alloy is strict. Here, It’s worth mentioning that 2024 aluminum sheet is one of HUAWEI ALUMINUM. advantageous products. Its processing technology far exceeds national standards. Widely used in molds, rivets, truck wheels and other various structural parts.

Alloy Temper Thickness(mm) Width(mm) Length(mm) Typical products
2024aluminum sheet O、T3、T4、T6、T72、T81、T361、T351、T861、T3511、T8611 0.3-600 800-2600 500-16000 Propeller structure, airframe and other

Features and Applications of 2024 Aluminum Sheet

2024 aluminum sheet is widely used for aircraft structures (like skin, skeleton, rib beams, bulkheads, etc.), rivets, missile components, the card wheel hub, propeller components and various other structural parts.

Routine Application

In general, 2024 aluminum sheet is mainly used to make various high-load parts and components (non-stamping parts and non-forgings). Including automotive, truck wheel hubs, molds, rivets, propeller elements and various other structural applications.

2024 Aluminum Sheet for Aircraft Manufacturing

The high-end 2024 aluminum sheet is a high-strength deformed aluminum for aerospace. Its strength, hardness, toughness, fatigue resistance, and plasticity meet the requirements of aviation materials. At present, 2024 aluminum alloy is mainly used to manufacture skeleton parts, skins, bulkheads, ribs, spar, rivets and other working parts below 150 ℃ on aircraft.

2024 t3 aluminum sheet

2024-T3 aluminum; This is the most common of the the high-strength alloys. Aircraft quality 2024 T3 aluminum sheet is thought of as the aircraft alloy because of it's strength. 2024T3 aluminum sheet has excellent fatigue resistance. Welding is generally not recommended on this aluminum sheet. Typical uses for 2024T3 alclad aluminum sheet are aircraft skins, cowls, aircraft structures, and also for RV repair and restoration like Airstreams because of it's shiny finish (2024T3 alclad)

Temper Tensile Strength Yield Strength Elongation
T3 63 42 15



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