According to the product type, it can be divided into

  • 7075 alloy metal aluminum sheet plate
  • 7075 alloy metal aluminum coil

7075 aluminum plate is the best strength of aluminum alloy, widely used in a variety of manufacturing industries, the market demand is very strong. It is an alloy in terms of material, mainly aluminum, including zinc, lead, magnesium and copper. In terms of process, it is cold treated and forged, so it is relatively hard, and in this respect is stronger than soft steel.

7075 aluminum sheet it is known as one of the strongest commercial building materials. Mevac Metal is one of the most famous manufacturers of 7075 aluminum sheet in the industry, and the quality of the product has been well received by customers.

7075 aluminum sheet has better corrosion resistance and is more resistant to corrosion under natural conditions. It also has relatively small crystal particles that can accommodate deep drilling without breaking. Also because of this reason, its wear resistance is also better.

Although it is mainly aluminum, the hardness is greatly improved by the addition of magnesium and copper. Also because of the addition of these metals, the tensile strength has been increased to a certain extent. After certain heat treatment, the strength characteristics of 7075 aluminum sheet are very objective, so it is also known as the best among aluminum alloys.

The material characteristics of 7075 aluminum plate determine that in the future industrial development, it will certainly be more widely used. And as the investment in research and development by companies such as American Airlines begins to bear fruit, the production process is further improved. This will make its material characteristics further strengthen, the cost will also be further reduced.

The applications of 7075 metal aluminum alloy

Among 7000 series, 7075 aluminum alloy is especially superior, which is regarded as the best product among aluminum alloys, with high strength, far better than any soft steel, this alloy has good mechanical properties and anodic reaction. It is widely used in aerospace, mold processing, mechanical equipment, jigs and fixtures, etc.