Aluminium foil for food packaging

The emergence of flexible food packaging has greatly improved the mechanization and automation of food processing, and accelerated the modernization and socialization of people's diet.

aluminum foil for food packaging

Food and beverages are mainly used in flexible packaging. There are two main applications of aluminum foil in food packaging:

  1. Aluminum-plastic or aluminum-paper composite packaging;
  2. Aluminum, plastic, and paper multilayer composite packaging.

the application of aluminium foil food packaging

  • Chocolate and candy packaging. At present, chocolate is basically packaged in aluminum foil, and its market demand is increasing with the expansion of the chocolate consumer market. There are two situations for candy packaging, one is aluminum-plastic composite or aluminum paper composite packaging, and the other is aluminized film or single plastic packaging;
  • Convenience food, cooked food packaging. Such as instant noodles, local specialty foods, etc. With the development of the food business market, the demand for such packaging is increasing, and the development prospect is very optimistic;
  • Packaging for dairy products. At present, milk powder is basically packaged in aluminum-plastic composite packaging, and liquid milk products are mainly packaged in aluminum foil cartons.
  • A considerable part of tea, coffee and other products are packaged in aluminum-plastic composite packaging, which is also an important market for aluminum foil packaging.

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