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1050 pure aluminum plate

1050 aluminum plate belt belongs to a product of the pure aluminum plate series, and the chemical composition and mechanical properties of 1060 series products are nearly the same.

General features: low density, good electrical and thermal conductivity, good corrosion resistance, good plastic processing performance, can be processed into the plate, belt, foil and extruded products, gas welding, argon arc welding, and spot welding.

1050 Pure Aluminum Checker Plate

Note: the strength can not be strengthened by heat treatment, but can be improved by cold deformation. The only form of heat treatment is annealing. The starting temperature of recrystallization is related to the impurity content and deformation degree, generally around 200℃. σ B= 80~100MPa, σ0.2=30~50MPa, ζ=35%~40%, HB=25~30. After 60%-80% cold deformation, the ζ value decreases to 1%-1.5%, although the ζ value increases to 150-180mpa. Increasing the content of fe and Si impurities can improve the strength, but reduce the plasticity, electrical conductivity, and corrosion resistance.

Applications of aluminium chequer plate

Checkerboard/checkerboard grids are used for decoration, architectural applications, and shipbuilding (low maintenance because they are corrosion resistant and do not require painting). Checkerboards are a widely used material with many different uses.

The plate has good molding, easy drilling, and good weldability. Steel is also a good anti-skid material. It is used as a protection plate for some designs. The chessboard is an excellent choice for cases requiring a high level of hygiene. Dishes are easy to clean because dirt can be brushed off or rubbed off, and stains can be easily removed. The grid is also easy to replace as needed -- almost effortless.

Aluminum mesh plates are used for the following applications

Corner protection (interior decoration);
Door skirting board;
Stair tread;
Can be used as a modern car decoration - floor;
Pedal decoration;
The elevator floor;
Commercial use - High Drop Shopping Centre.