Parameters of aluminium jacket coil

Alloys: 1060, 3003, 6061 etc

Temper: H14, H18 etc

Surface treatment: embossed stucco, flat smooth, corgurated etc

Color: blue etc

Polysurlyn coated aluminum jackets sheet coil

Moisture Barrier (PSMB) is an engineered three-layer co-extruded film of polyethylene polymer with a total film thickness of 3 mils (76 μm). PSMB is factory heated and laminated to the inner surface of all types of metal sheaths for use as a mechanical insulator to help prevent pits, gaps and current corrosion on the inner surface of the metal sheath and the underlying insulated pipe, tank or equipment.

Polykraft (polycraft) coated aluminum jackets roll

Polykraft consists of an isolated layer of one MIL polyethylene film with a protective layer of 40# original kraft paper. The sheath is attached to the full width of the metal by continuous lamination, by attaching the jacket to the water storage valve. Hydrate barriers are used to prevent moisture and corrosion from coming into direct contact with the metal sheath surface in the insulator and causing electrical common or chemical corrosion.

Advantage of aluminium jacketed coils

Heating insulation, moisture barrier etc


Petroleum pipeline etc