The mirror aluminum processing, screen printing, coating  color processes a variety of patterns, and the patterns on the surface with   aluminum mirror effect is brilliance,and the effect is very good.

By a special surface treatment technology, various  pigments, paints, etc. Xin Yida specular aluminumcan  be easily colored, colors and strong performance.

Product  Characteristic:

  • Surface smoothness and easy  cleaning
  • Flexible suspension system makes each  ceiling tile easily installed and disconnected
  • Easy to match lamps or other ceiling  parts
  • Surface color can be stable for 10 years by  indoor use
  • Durable and washable
  • Inflammable and fire  resistant,waterproof,moisture proof, Sound and heat insulated,corrusion  resistant,easy maintenance
  • Light weight and excellent decorative  suspension system

aluminum mirror Ceiling Application:

Shopping malls,supermarkets,outdoor  facilities,gas stations,toll stations,subway,railway stations,airports,bus   stations,schools,offices,meeting room,building lobbies,corridors,toilets,sport  venues.