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1. Common types and applications of mirror embossed aluminum

Mirror embossed aluminum is also called mirror stucco aluminum. It is realized by processing natural polished finishing materials with embossing rollers. There are many kinds of embossed aluminum materials, and the patterns include hammer pattern, orange peel pattern, insect pattern (refrigerator pattern) , bean pattern, rhombus, etc.
These patterns have the effect of decorating or reducing the reflectivity of the surface. Common products are hammer pattern aluminum embossed plate, orange peel aluminum alloy pattern plate roll.And various colors can be provided according to customer requirements.

Mirror Embossed Aluminum in different patterns

Mirror Embossed Aluminum in different patterns

Hammered aluminum embossed board adopts mirror aluminum oxide base material, and the surface is covered with soybean grain grade letterpress printing. It combines the advantages of aluminum mirror board and embossed board. It has strong astigmatism effect and reflectivity as high as 86%.

Orange peel aluminum alloy pattern plate roll surface presents orange peel pattern This product is widely used in refrigerators, air conditioners and packaging, etc.

Orange peel aluminum sheet,hammered aluminum embossed sheet

Orange peel aluminum sheet,hammered aluminum embossed sheet

2. Mirror Anodized Aluminum Sheet Type

Mirror embossed aluminum sheet has many color types. Huawei Aluminum can customize embossed aluminum sheets of various colors according to the different needs of customers. The following 8 are common types.

Mirror Anodized Aluminum Sheet Classification
1. 3D color-coated embossed aluminum plate 3D color-coated embossed aluminum plate01
3D Bead Embossed Aluminum Sheet02 2. 3D Bead Embossed Aluminum Sheet
3. Orange pattern embossed aluminum sheet Orange pattern embossed aluminum sheet03
Embossed aluminum plate with red dot pattern04 4. Embossed aluminum plate with red dot pattern
5. Gold pattern embossed aluminum plate Gold pattern embossed aluminum plate05
Green embossed aluminum sheet06 6. Green embossed aluminum sheet
7. Blue Embossed Aluminum Sheet Blue Embossed Aluminum Sheet
Pink Embossed Aluminum Sheet08 8. Pink Embossed Aluminum Sheet

3. Advantages Of  Mirror Embossed Aluminum Sheet and Coil

1. The chemical composition and mechanical properties are stable.
2. Accurate tolerances.
4. We have ISO9001 certificate.
5. Our quality is based on EN, ASTM, JIS.
6. We provide free sample service.
7. Products can be made according to your requirements.

4. Specifications of mirror embossed aluminum sheet

Alloys: 1060, 1100, 3003, 5052, 5083, 8011, etc.
Tempering: H12, H16, H22, H28, H112, O, etc.
Surface: Embossed and Color Coated
Surface protection: PVC film/paper customized
Thickness: 0.1~10mm customized
Thickness tolerance: +/-0.01-0.04mm
Width: 100-3000mm customized
Length: 300-4000mm, or as required
Material: cold drawn and hot drawn
Packing: wooden waterproof box/box wooden pallet
Delivery time: 30 days
Embossed aluminum mirror plate application:                                                             1) Reflectors for various lamps and luminaires
                                                            2) Solar reflective film
                                                            3) Building appearance
                                                            4) Indoor and outdoor decorative panels
                                                            5) Furniture Cabinets
                                                            6) Elevator decoration
                                                            7) Signs, nameplates, bags production.
                                                            8) Car interior and exterior decoration
                                                            9) Household appliances: refrigerators, microwave ovens, audio equipment, etc.
                                                           10) Consumer electronics: mobile phones, digital cameras, MP3, U disk, etc.