Characteristics of cold-rolled and hot-rolled aluminum sheets

The cold-rolled aluminum plate is machined from the hot-rolled aluminum sheet at a normal temperature. Cold rolling is compared to cold rolling, the mechanical properties are relatively poor, the hardness is too high, so the cold-rolled aluminum plate is used for mold, and hot-rolled aluminum plate is deep, and the bending performance is better, so it is suitable for deep processing.

Cold rolling aluminum sheet plate

How do you distinguish between cold-rolled aluminum plates and hot-rolled aluminum plates?

  • Different production processes: Cold rolling is made by casting machine (8mm thickness) made by cold rolling machine, hot rolling has aluminum ingot (400-500mm heated thickness) made by hot rolling mill at high temperature
  • Different raw material supply: the difference between the two is that the blank supply is different. The hot-rolled blank casting aluminum ingot is heated and rolled into rolls for cold rolling, while the cold-rolled blank is cast and rolled into rolls for cold rolling
  • Different performance: hot rolled aluminum plate surface quality, mechanical properties, ductility, good oxidation effect. At the same time, the aluminum plate is generally processed by an aluminum plate, which is naturally affected by the performance of the aluminum plate
  • Different uses: cold-rolled aluminum plate is used for mold, the hot-rolled aluminum plate is suitable for stamping and drawing