What is color aluminum sheet plate?

Good processing performance can be processed into flat panels, curved panels and spherical panels, and other complex geometric shapes, fully expressing the designer's concept, not easy to stain, easy to clean, maintenance. Wide color selection, rich, good visual effect, excellent decorative effect. Recycling, green environmental protection: aluminum decorative parts due to the use of glossy matte finish coating, not only to maintain the international popular bright style, but also to solve the problem of light pollution generated by the glass curtain wall, and the aluminum veneer is the first choice of green decorative materials. Lightweight, good rigidity, high strength.

Color aluminum sheet plate

Color aluminum sheet plate

Lightweight, aluminum plate decorated with high-quality aluminum manganese, aluminum-magnesium alloy, its own lightweight, and the interface using modern welding technology, the back of the reinforcement, to ensure that the aluminum curtain wall plate flat, wind pressure, impact resistance, earthquake, lightning protection, effectively reduce the load on the building.

 Features of Color aluminum sheet plate

Advantages of colored aluminum sheets: the best weather resistance, self-cleaning and anti-UV, acid and alkali resistance, under normal outdoor conditions, can ensure the best color, fluorocarbon base material KYNAR500, HYLAR5000, content of 70%, can effectively resist acid rain, air pollution and UV attack. The special molecular structure prevents dust from adhering to the surface, and has good self-cleaning properties. Good flame retardancy meets the requirements of fire prevention: aluminum trim is made of high-strength aluminum alloy and fluorocarbon (PVDF) paint or panel, which has good flame retardancy and can completely pass the fire inspection. The construction is fast and cost-saving. The aluminum trim is already formed when it leaves the factory, no need for later processing, so the construction only needs to be installed directly, low cost and quick replacement.

Color aluminum sheet plate for sale

Color aluminum sheet plate for sale

 Classification of color aluminum sheet plate

Aluminum mesh is also called tensile mesh. It is made of the original sheet steel by cutting and expanding with the latest technology, and its mesh body is lighter and has a strong load-bearing capacity. The most common aluminum mesh is diamond-shaped hole, other hole types are hexagonal, round hole, triangle, fish scale hole, etc.

According to the color aluminum surface treatment process, it can be divided into

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