Color of aluminum diamond plate

We offer Classic Silver Diamond Plates (sometimes called Chrome Diamond Plates or Shiny Silver Diamond Plates), Black Diamond Plates, White Diamond Plates, Red Diamond Plates and Gunmetal Grey Diamond Plates.

We also provide other colors according to customers, if you need different colors, please contact us

Colored aluminum diamond plate

Parameters of aluminum diamond sheet.

1) diamond plate aluminum sizes

  • 2′ x 8′ (24″ x 96″)
  • 4′ x 8′ (48″ x 96″)
  • 4′ x 10′ (48″ x 120″)
  • black diamond plate sheets 4x8

2) plate aluminum diamond most popular thickness

0.063" thick (1/16", 14GA)  /  0.045" (3/64", 17GA)  /  0.080"(5/64", 12GA)  /  0.125"(1/8", 8GA)  /  0.187"(3/16", 5GA)  /  0.250"(1/4", 2GA)

At present, the thicknesses commonly used on the market range from 2.0-8mm, and the common widths are 1250mm and 1500mm.
According to GB/T 3277, the national standard for patterned steel plates, the pattern height should be greater than or equal to 20% of the thickness of the substrate.

3) diamond plate weight

Take a 3mm thick aluminum diamond plate as an example to calculate.

Aluminum sheet size Thickness(mm) Width Length Weight
4x8 aluminum diamond plate 3mm 1220mm 2440mm 24.20kg
4x10 aluminum diamond plate 3mm 1220mm 3050mm 30.25kg
4x12 aluminum diamond plate 3mm 1220mm 3660mm 36.3kg
5x10 aluminum diamond plate 3mm 1525mm 3050mm 37.81kg
5x12 aluminum diamond plate 3mm 1525mm 3660mm 45.38kg

Alloy classification of diamond aluminum plate

According to the alloy composition of the patterned aluminum plate, it can be divided into:

1) Pure aluminum ordinary aluminum alloy diamond plate:

The aluminum alloy pattern plate processed with the 1000 series as the plate base has an aluminum content of more than 99%, also known as pure aluminum, and the price is relatively cheap. Usually, this patterned aluminum plate is often used in cold storage, flooring and outer packaging.

2) Aluminum alloy diamond plate:

This type of aluminum plate is mainly in the 3000 and 5000 series.
3000: Taking 3000 as an example, the strength of 3003 checker plate is slightly higher than that of ordinary pure aluminum alloy checker plate, but the corrosion resistance and hardness cannot reach 5000 series plate, so 3003 checker plate is generally used for trucks and cold storage floors. .
5000: Also known as aluminum-magnesium alloy checker plate, which is represented by 5052 or 5083. 5000 series diamond plate has good corrosion resistance, high hardness and good rust resistance, and is widely used in ship building industry. This aluminum plate has high hardness and good bearing capacity.

Black aluminum diamond plate 4x8

Hot size:Black color aluminum tread plate,  4×8 aluminum sheet

Size: 4X8 indicates the width of Black aluminum diamond plate × length = 4 foot × 8 foot = 1219mm × 2438mm

Material: Black Aluminum Diamond Plate Sheet

 Colored black aluminum diamond plate

Shiny and gorgeous black aluminum diamond sheet will make your garage, workshop, trailer, kitchen or special project the envy of your friends and neighbors!

The most common thickness of black 4x8 aluminum diamond sheet is 22 gauge, which is about 0.025 inches thick (about 1/2 the thickness of a dime), ideal for use as wainscoting for covering trailers, campers, gyms, garages, RVs , DIY projects, etc.

Also, we are happy to offer you a custom cut; our high quality black aluminum diamond plate with a semi-gloss black finish with PVC protection.

Video about black diamond plate.

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