Advantages and disadvantages of 5 series aluminum magnesium alloy aluminum sheet used in electronic product shell

5 series aluminum magnesium alloy is a widely used aluminum alloy product, with representative brands of 5052 / 5005 / 5754 / 5454 / 5083 / 5154 / 5086 / 5A06, etc. mg is the main alloy element, which is often used as antirust aluminum plate due to its good antirust ability. Aluminum magnesium alloy has many advantages. Many automobile manufacturers use this alloy to replace traditional materials and apply it to automobile doors, steering wheels and engines to realize automobile lightweight. In addition, aluminum magnesium alloy is also widely used in electronic products.

aluminum magnesium sheet

As for 5052 aluminum magnesium sheet, it is often used in the shell of 3C products. It has the following advantages and disadvantages

Advantages: 5052 aluminum plate has small density, good heat dissipation, good rigidity, not easy to deform after long-term use, corrosion resistance, beautiful color and easy coloring. It can be changed into various colors through surface treatment process to add luster to electronic products. The low density makes electronic products portable. Therefore, many notebook computer products adopt aluminum magnesium alloy shell technology.

Disadvantages: aluminum magnesium alloy is not very strong and wear-resistant, the cost is high, and it is difficult to form, so laptops generally only use aluminum magnesium alloy on the top cover, and few models use aluminum magnesium alloy to manufacture the whole casing.