Aluminum alloy is being used in an increasing proportion of transportation applications

Aluminum alloy is currently the most used metal material in industry, and is particularly widely used in transportation, construction, packaging, wire and cable, and other fields. With the concept of light weight, aluminum alloy is becoming more and more important in the transportation field, and the application ratio is getting higher and higher, even surpassing the packaging and construction markets.

Aluminum alloy material has good electrical and thermal conductivity, low density, good plasticity, easy to shape, and can be recycled, which is suitable for manufacturing all kinds of automobile parts. It can reduce the overall mass of the car while ensuring the strength and safety performance of the car, and improve the dynamics of the car and reduce fuel consumption.

Aluminum alloys for automobile lightweighting include 5052 aluminum plate, 5083 aluminum plate, 6061 aluminum plate, 5754 aluminum plate, 5182 aluminum plate, etc., which can be used to manufacture automobile doors, hoods, wings, bottom shields, gas tanks, wheels and other parts with obvious lightweighting effect and good market response.